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  1. So it is Finally Here: Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield replacement for JL JLU!

    It would be worth it to me if it came with some sort of decent warranty. I don't expect it to be Bulletproof but it better hold up a hell of a lot better than stock.
  2. 285/ 70- R17 BFG KO2 or Nitto Ridge Grapplers?

    I currently have the K02's on my JL and Ridge Grapplers on my Ram 3500. Both great choices and the Ridge Grapplers are dead quiet on the road. I'll most likely put Nitto Trail Grapplers on my JL next though. You can't go wrong with either one.
  3. Question about Custom Rig on Lot, Rip-off? Can I do this for cheaper?

    Even if you overpaid for all Mods, No more than $5,000 for everything.
  4. Is Anyone having Starting/ Battery Issues???

    They ended up replacing the Radio Control Module. It was showing an excessive draw and they replaced the battery. So far so good after another 1,500 miles, Everything works. It took 31 days in the shop to get fixed. Not satisfied with Lythia Jeep in Bend Oregon, Nothing but Lip Service. Jeep...
  5. Is Anyone having Starting/ Battery Issues???

    Well the Dealership has had it for 15 days so far and still no word on what is wrong other than I filed a case with corporate. After JEEP got involved, The service manager finally called and said they had 3 techs looking at it but none can find the problem. Now they put a fourth guy working on...
  6. Is Anyone having Starting/ Battery Issues???

    1 Week Update, My JL is still at the dealer, Now they say my Optima Battery is bad ( which I Highly Doubt) but told them to put a fresh battery in but I want my Battery back. Then after a week, He says we still can't find the problem, We have 3 techs working on it and we might have to...
  7. Is Anyone having Starting/ Battery Issues???

    I Have Both Issues. I realize some Electrical problems are hard to diagnose but when the dealer thinks it's perfectly acceptable to have the customer jump start everytime is something else. But then again, This is 2020 and we are now living in the Twilight Zone here in Oregon.
  8. Recon Build in Progress

    Recon Build in Progress

  9. Is Anyone having Starting/ Battery Issues???

    I have a 2020 JL Rubicon Recon with the 2.0 Turbo. At 1200 miles, The battery was dead, or so I thought. I could easily jump start it but it would need a jump every time. I called the dealership and they couldn't get it in for weeks. I decided to just upgrade and bought an Optima Yellow top and...