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  1. Battery replacement

    I am outside of the basics warranty. I have 40k on the Jeep. If that battery is covered 8yrs and 80k though, I’m golden.
  2. Battery replacement

    Long story short: I got hit by a drunk driver. The Jeep was in the shop for 46 days. I got it back and the battery was dead as a door nail. Cause a ton of funky stuff. Wipers turning on. Turn signals flashing. All the dash lights. Rough idle and no acceleration once jumped. Dealer said both the...
  3. Battery replacement

    Shoot! I should’ve come back to update. I did find it but in any case, you’re a life saver thank you! I’ll be calling the dealership Monday. He insisted that batteries are maintenance and therefore not covered. Ugh!
  4. Battery replacement

    Where do you find info on the 8 yr warranty? I'm in need of having mine replaced.
  5. Maryland Free Stock Rubi Bumper

    Interested. I’m in Annapolis MD. Where are you located?
  6. Maryland JLU Smittybilt Apollo Rock Sliders

    They made it insanely dificult to get in and out of the jeep. I liked the look, but hated the function of them. I'm 6'1 and it was like I had to hop over them to get in and out. Also banged my damn legs on them frequently. I bought LOD Destroyers and they fit my needs much better. I should...
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What BFG's are those?
  8. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    CRAP! I couldn’t find that anywhere! And KC gave me two different answers. The freaking sucks! Thanks!
  9. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Does anyone know if the light bar will work without effecting the adaptor cruise camera in the windshield? Ive reached out to KC and was told they will work, then got an email back saying they won't. Not sure which is correct. Typically I wouldn't care but we do use our adaptive cruise for the...
  10. SXM Relocation

    Has anyone relocated their SXM antenna to the hood or somewhere other that above the drivers visor. I don't like to factory location or the Maximus 3 visor location. Looking for ideas
  11. Warn HUB Wireless Receiver

    Did you get your winch yet? I just ordered mine on amazon earlier today. It says 1-3 weeks to ship. I have a trip planned 4 weeks out so I hope it comes quick!
  12. Pennsylvania CMM giveaway

    I could absolutely use it!
  13. LOD destroyer sliders

    I understand and receipt your opinion. I however felt it was more than reasonable to avoid the additional cost to me as well as save them two additional shipping cost. Plus an additional two month delay waiting on replacements. The end result would have been a happy customer who avoided lots of...
  14. LOD destroyer sliders

    What you do not do is make it easy for your customer. As I explained to you guys numerous times, the rails were NOT damaged in shipping. The rails were packaged incredibly well. There were gouges in the steel in places that’s could only have been done prior to packaging. There was also many...
  15. LOD destroyer sliders

    I would honestly avoid @lodoffroad. The rock sliders I received were damaged. LOD has crap customer service and didn’t really do anything to fix the issue. With the amount of money spent on their productions, the last thing I wanted was paint mailed to me so I could paint them where there are...
  16. Pennsylvania Gorilla Automotive Locking Lug Nuts Black

    Nope. Got the exact same ones. Just never thought to look here.
  17. Pennsylvania Gorilla Automotive Locking Lug Nuts Black

    F! This is the same Sh!t I paid $142 for!
  18. Delaware Rubicon Takeoffs

    I have a friend looking to sell her Rubi take offs. Just outside of Annapolis MD if that's something you may be interested, I can certainly get you guy in contact. Wheels and Tires.
  19. Maryland Sold: JLU Rock Rails - Make an Offer

    I have a set of OEM Rock Rails/Sliders off of my 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. They are used with now dents or major scratches. Located in Maryland. Will not ship. Make Offer!

    I ordered the GPCA set with red. Matches my Rubicon red accents well.