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  1. Florida 3D printed switch panel

    any pictures of the half panel option for Rubicon? i only need 3-4 switches. how much painted with switches? can you do rocker switches?
  2. Using just Auxiliary Mopar Switch vs switch bank kit

    Thanks this is what I was looking for. I wanted just a nice panel to use my own relays but seems like the instrument panel buttons may not be the right option. why does no one just make a simple nice blank for that section?
  3. Using just Auxiliary Mopar Switch vs switch bank kit

    If i want to retrofit a bank of switches for lights and stuff, I know they sell the whole kit for 400 dollars that includes relays, is very customizable and requires flash programing. Sounds like a major headache. I also know they sell just the instrument cluster switch piece of the kit (part...
  4. Quadratec discount?

    still valid? i am looking at buying a winch from them. on the fence between a Q stealth and warn.
  5. Door Surround upper/lower Gasket for soft top (where to buy)

    sadly, no. it is absurd that this is a chop shop item that perhaps I will only be able to find in the seedy underworld! :P
  6. 😡 2020 JLUR Hardtop Defect (CRACKED @ 1,250 MILES) Jeep Dealer & Jeep Cares Refuses to Warranty it!

    I just think it is funny— he drills into the roof and wonders why they will not honor the warranty. He ran off when he saw no one agreed with his point of view.
  7. Question about Custom Rig on Lot, Rip-off? Can I do this for cheaper?

    This thing is waaay overpriced. I bought a Sahara north edition for 46 new. This is nuts and has a lot of stuff you may. It want or need
  8. Maryland Sold: Black and Black/Red D-Ring 3/4 Shackles

    Selling 2 pairs of shackles. (4 total) two are traditional D shape all black and two are black more square shackles with red pins. all black - $15 (the Pair) Black and red square - $15 (the Pair) Local meet only--these things will cost a fortune to ship. near Ft Meade or Annapolis
  9. Virginia Rear Mopar Cargo Tray Unused - $90

    do you ever come into northern virginia? i am in annapolis and could meet you...
  10. Iowa UPR Catch Can

    is this for 2.0 or 3.6
  11. New Jersey Jeep JL premium soft top NIB

    you forgot to post color--i assume black? :)
  12. Georgia Hardtop with maximus-3 full pioneer platform roof rack

    how much cash are you looking for ?
  13. Maryland Four Door JL Models Molded Side Steps (Mopar 82215164)

    yes they are--send me a PM or ask away....
  14. Maryland Sold: 2020 JLUS Sahara Plastic Bumpers front and rear

    Plastic rear and front bumpers for sale. 75 OBO for each. Front does NOT include fog lights. includes skid plate, tow hooks, etc. Rear does NOT include parking sensors (but the bumper has holes for it). includes tow hooks, etc.
  15. help with rear bumper install - license plate light problem

    I installed a Westin WJ2 rear bumper and i love it. However It required me to install some LED bolt lights on the relocated license plate bracket. I spliced into the old harness for the rear license plate light and one of the two used LEDs worked. The other started smoking. So i disconnected...
  16. question on rear parking sensors

    what for? can you explain?
  17. question on rear parking sensors

    I have replaced my plastic bumper with a westin wj2 steel bumper and had to drill out the spots for the rear sensors. I have been reading and see that there are lots of issues. but i have a few questions if anyone can help clarify some points: 1. do the sensors need to go in the same spot as...
  18. Maryland Sold: Four Door JL Models Molded Side Steps (Mopar 82215164)

    I have a set of side steps from my 2020, they were on for 5 months and 6k miles. NO scratches and look new. with all hardware. 125 obo
  19. Does anyone make A Pillar Switch Mounts for JL

  20. Maryland Smittybilt Neoprene Seat Covers 4 Door for $75

    are these for the cloth based wranglers or leather ones? The difference is the backseat has a fold down center console in the leather seats.