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  1. Doors off and battery dead

    Yes, the batteries are at or approaching EOL. CarMax warranty is currently replacing the auxiliary battery. Just had the dealership do a 30K mile service and they made no mention of the primary battery being EOL. I'll need to check on the primary battery.
  2. Doors off and battery dead

    Thanks for your input, I was really wondering how the lights behaved with the doors off so its good to know I don't need to worry about kids leaving the dome light on and killing the battery.
  3. Doors off and battery dead

    Thanks for the input. It's possible the Jeep was turned off out of park sine we had been moving it around the driveway several times while doing a fender mod. I'll keep an eye out for that.
  4. Doors off and battery dead

    OMG! While I didn't get the advice I was hoping for I got a good laugh. :clap: Thanks for that.
  5. Doors off and battery dead

    First time Jeep owner / first time post. I'm have a battery problem and looking for advice. We took the doors off our 2018 JLU a couple of times now without issue, kids love it. Two days ago we took the doors off again and after sitting for a day and a half, found we had a dead battery. So...