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  1. Oregon Take offs free to good home

    Tires and wheels given to Aces and eights, waiting on pics mounted?
  2. Merry Christmas

    LOL< just regift, saves gas.
  3. Merry Christmas! How blessed are we?

    I completely agree! Thank you all for your guidance and friendship.
  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all, keep the rubber down!
  5. JLU SAHARA - 33" vs 35" Tires

    what is your front bumper? I have the lil brother.
  6. 2022 Jeepers Jamboree Rubicon Trail

    Even I remember 33's being the hottest thing in town...What they don't put on that list is patience, staying focused, helping each other...corny maybe, just sayin!
  7. So I want to mount a chainsaw….

    I bought a canvas plumbers bag, removed the chain and the bar FROM SAW, rolled chain, put blade on side of motor and chain in pouch it had in it already with room for other LARGER tools as well...
  8. Chrysler Interest Rates

    Join a credit union, most are free now and you'll get the rate that that score should....if you are a vet, start with NFCU, or whatever it's called now...GL
  9. Oregon Take offs free to good home

    Sure, either day is fine. my number is in our previous letter, text me please and let me know which you decide.
  10. Arizona Rugged ridge arcus rear bumper

    Pardon, not trying to police peoples post/s bro, wish I was closer, lol
  11. Oregon Take offs free to good home

    Too far, sorry.
  12. Oregon Take offs free to good home

    5 17" stock sport S wheels (5 x 5) and 5 285/70/17 KO2 tires, tires have about 20k left on 'em. No lookie lou's please, must pick up, must take all 5...
  13. Removing/Replacing nut less screws

    Appreciated, and thank you, that's exactly right. Lastly, should I even try and reuse those or are the meant to be replaced for best fitment? Regarding purchasing the replacements, I see kits with all different sizes, do I want the assortment pack or a couple of specific sizes that are most...
  14. Removing/Replacing nut less screws

    Thanks, I have a trim kit, just trying not to make a mess, information helps.
  15. Removing/Replacing nut less screws

    It's the same as yours, lol, or same as it was, the large nut less screw/s that hold the stock skid plate to the bumper (6 or 7 across)...The end screw on that guard on each side help hold the ADD ON plastic piece that goes between the bumper and the fender (it's cosmetic) removed them...
  16. Removing/Replacing nut less screws

    I need to remove the cowl between the bumper and the fender...What trim tool removes those larger screws without damage, secondly, are those screws marked so I know what size to replace without guessing? Thirdly, when ordering those screws, is there a recommended brand? Assorted sizes usually...
  17. High Altitude 4xe badges?

    Look under BOH for sale, should find every jeep badge known....
  18. Any JL 2 door back seats for sale?

    I have 2019 JL Sport S, the rear seat is unused (not sure if they swap), long way away, but ........Make me an offer.
  19. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    my 285/70/17's with +1 offset (just outside fender) no lift, rubs the outside of tire on the inside of the cowl between the fender and the bumper, and on the upper stock skid plate at the top where the nut less screw goes in...both are small rubs and can be remedied fairly easily. 285 is 32.7"...