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  1. Step22

    Oh cool! I'm glad you found a use for them! I like them better than plastic bins, as they're more square on the walls (better interior volume) than bins. Unless you're stacking three high, the Stingrays are better.
  2. Step22

    I'm a big fan of their products. I have two of the Stingray flat boxes that I keep camping gear in. My Raom 95L box fits them perfectly, with a little bit of room left over. When I'm ready to head out, I just toss the Stingrays in the Roam on the roof and off I go. I don't have to think...
  3. What axe and shovel are you using?

    Fiskars Chopping Axe (28-Inch) and a murderspork (Krazy Beaver). They go onto the roof rack with Rhino Rack Stow-Its.
  4. Diabolical Slipstream alternate locking method, any ideas?

    Maybe some rubber plugs? I wasn't bothered by the clips, but I also ran around without them from time to time. There was only a rattle on large bumps. Otherwise they weren't necessary.
  5. Warn Zeon Clutch Lever Lock Retrofit

    Thanks! Glad you were able to get to the screw. I don't have the stock JL steel bumper, so I think it would be easier. That said, I haven't had the issue, but I might take the preventative route.
  6. Warn Zeon Clutch Lever Lock Retrofit

    Thanks for the post! I take it we should send an email to Warn? Any other tips?
  7. Rear Storage Solutions/Ideas other than AAL and GooseGear

    @alksion I know you said you weren't looking for something permanent, but prior to switching to my AAL drawers setup, I had this installed and it was both out of the way and useful:
  8. Rear Storage Solutions/Ideas other than AAL and GooseGear

    You'll like them. I have a bunch for my 95L boxes.
  9. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Went out to lunch yesterday just north of the Golden Gate bridge. Came back out to a visitor from the north in their white jeep parked next to me.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally installed my @Redline Tuning hood struts I got on Black Friday. Had to fight a bit with my GMRS antenna wiring run (I had run the cable right where the lower mount wanted to be), but otherwise a pretty easy install. The results were awesome. I closed and opened my hood a few times...
  11. American Adventure Lab fender light kit

    I've had mine for over two years and no failures. Every now and again (maybe once a month) I get a "turn signal light out" message, but it clears. I have factory LEDs and I use the resister harness from AAL. I'm sorry some folks are having reliability issues, but mine have been solid and...
  12. Backup sensors beeping with 35”s

    Before I ended up upgrading my tire carrier, I had used that kit along with the Mopar tailgate reinforcement to hold my 315 KO2s. Prior to using relocation, my sensors beeped constantly. Lifting the tire up made all the difference and the sensors returned to working normally.
  13. American Adventure Lab Table fit up?

    Nice tip! I still haven’t wired my light. The cable is just tucked inside the interior panel (so at least I don’t have to remove the table again) waiting for me to deal with it. I like the connector idea. Thanks!
  14. American Adventure Lab Table fit up?

    Watch some of the videos On YouTube. They’ll help. You may be getting interference from the wiring that goes through the tailgate. I had to reroute mine. Maybe these pictures help.
  15. Dana 60's: Currie vs Dana Spicer vs Dynatrac vs Fusion

    Looks really cool and the ground clearance is neat, but I’m not sure on the added complexity of the portal gearsets.
  16. Dana 60's: Currie vs Dana Spicer vs Dynatrac vs Fusion

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll be curious to hear how the 72" works out, but I'll also make sure to give Fusion a call when I'm ready and discuss options.
  17. Dana 60's: Currie vs Dana Spicer vs Dynatrac vs Fusion

    Yep, full float. Thanks for the additional guidance away from the high pinion. I'm sure I'll be heavy, so I'd rather not go eating gears.
  18. Dana 60's: Currie vs Dana Spicer vs Dynatrac vs Fusion

    Awesome! I see you're in East Bay (me too), maybe I can come check them out once you've got them. I'm curious about the kingpin front axle.
  19. Dana 60's: Currie vs Dana Spicer vs Dynatrac vs Fusion

    Thanks Richard! My plan is for 40" tires. I hadn't thought about the width being a function of desired travel, but it makes sense. I assume when you say the extend past the fenders, that's to the outside edge of the tire?
  20. Dana 60's: Currie vs Dana Spicer vs Dynatrac vs Fusion

    I'm planning my next JL, which I'll purchase about a year from now and build up. I'll be going with a pair of Dana 60s, but I'm trying to decide between Currie, Dana Spicer, Dynatrac, and Fusion axles. It seems that Dynatrac has a great marketing arm, so I hear a lot about their axles...