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  1. Door Hinge Steps

    Do you know if that is based on the step hardware the hinge hardware? FWIW I love your stuff and proudly installed your lift on my last rig, your quality is valued and appreciated.
  2. Door Hinge Steps

    Thanks for that and it's somewhat reassuring, my biggest concern isn't so much the step itself but the hinges it mounts too.
  3. Door Hinge Steps

    Not to wake the dead here but does anyone know the weight limit for these steps? I like the concept and would definitely appreciate these when accessing my roof rack, but my ass isn't as light as it used to be and I don't want to risk bending/warping the hinges.
  4. 4xe Rubicon wheel part number

    What's annoying about that is the pre prod versions all had the blue logo, as did the early releases I think. I kind of felt jobbed a bit at the time, but immediately went aftermarket so quickly forgot about it.
  5. 4xe Rubicon wheel part number

    Mine didn't have a blue Willy's, they were grey.
  6. Best Snow Tires for a New Wrangler 4xe

    Dedicated winter tire: Blizzaks all day long no doubt, question, or comparison. If you want a year rounder you've got loads of options. My last 3 sets have been KM2, KO2, and my current set is the new Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T. Recency bias aside, for me they have been the best tire kd...
  7. The Tire Carrier Thread

    He died broke, but he had fun. He wanted "I wasn't here a long time, but I had a good time" on his headstone, but the family put their foot down on that one.
  8. Range Depleting Fast in my 4XE

    Yeah we have some of the highest gas prices in the country courtesy of damn near 80 cents per gallon in state tax. There are a ton of regional variables that need to be factored for each individual and their situation. For me the factors here locally were just too compelling. I traded in my...
  9. Range Depleting Fast in my 4XE

    Your math is just a bit off. Buying the 4xe to save on fuel costs is very much a valid reason. Looking at my log and as of my most recent entry I have gone 3901 miles on 76 gallons of gas. Averaging out my mpg across 5 fill ups, (19.26) I have been able to put 99 less gallons of gas in the...
  10. Range Depleting Fast in my 4XE

    Mine has gone up ~35-45% with no free or discounted charging hours. In real $$ it's been maybe 20 bucks a month. Where I am we are all hydro though, so power is cheap relative to other places.
  11. Range Depleting Fast in my 4XE

    Thank you, and yes that was my point. I said for me it's a good EV, my driving routine is such that in the summer I was getting nearly 1k miles per tank and nearly all of the ICE miles were from excursions into the woods.
  12. Range Depleting Fast in my 4XE

    I'm coming to the realization that for me the 4xe is a great EV in the summer and a good hybrid in the winter. Asking it to be an EV when it's cold out is just setting your self up for disappointment.
  13. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    I encountered this a couple of days ago, and it did specifically state that it couldn't be on electric because of climate control. Your spot on about letting it do it's thing. We've had a fair bit of snow this week and I'm quite pleased with how it's handled it. I will add the Baja Boss...
  14. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    I'm planning on taking it in after the holidays, it's still drive able and I have other priorities to manage. I chose the word partly for humor but also because I find it applicable. A Christmas tree can still function as a Christmas tree even if there aren't any balls hanging from it, it...
  15. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    I never use Max Regen, I'm not a fan of how it drives in that mode. I know something is up, since May when I took delivery I've likely driven these hills 200+ times, I'm intimately familiar with each varying incline. For example the main hill I drive up is ~3/4 mile long, with a speed limit of...
  16. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    Let me preface this by saying I am very much a fan of the 4xe, and I have loved mine for damn near every mile we've driven together. That being said, ever since it started getting colder (<50) the electric performance has become quite degraded. I know range will drop with colder temps, it's...
  17. No longer generating energy while coasting

    Just an FYI "hybrid" mode is basically Electric only until you run out of charge, unless you need the power the ICE doesnt kick on.
  18. No longer generating energy while coasting

    On your main infotainment screen use the hybrid page.
  19. No longer generating energy while coasting

    Have you been able to uncover any possible solutions to the problem?
  20. No longer generating energy while coasting

    I haven't had any of those RRT's done yet.