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  1. Louisiana G17 Gibson Leather Holster

    Best offer - I will pay for shipping
  2. Louisiana Rusty’s Track Bar Bracket

    Jeep is gone open to offers
  3. Louisiana G17 Gibson Leather Holster

    Driver - Jeep is gone open to offers
  4. Louisiana Rusty’s Track Bar Bracket

    I have a brand new in box Rusty’s track bar reinforcement bracket. Never installed. I bought this when there were weld issues, but never needed it for my JL. Paid $100. Yours for $70 OBO plus shipping.
  5. Louisiana Sold: G17 Gibson Leather Holster

    I am leaving the Jeep world and was checking to see if anyone was interested in my G17 Gibson leather holster. $125 shipped in the US. Mounts to the side of your console.
  6. Louisiana CMM Driver Mirror

    Yeah it has the ball mount about $10 fedex ground
  7. Louisiana Sold: CMM Driver Mirror

    CMM driver side mirror and bracket only used a couple of times $60 plus shipping.
  8. Just ordered my Superchips Flashpaq Tuner....can't wait!

    My locks were dangling from the factory, I am going to see what the dealership will do this morning. You can buy replacement back covers, the locking tabs can be pushed down manually from the top of the connector (blue and green plastic locking tabs) , you can than replace the back cover by...
  9. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Mine does it and I have greased everything even the mechanism inside the door - it isn’t the hinges or door pins, I don’t have my door pins bolted on so thought that may be it but it wasn’t - gonna try loosing the door stop mechanism and see what happens.
  10. Pay for warranty work??

    Sounds like your Slave cylinder went out which can cause issues to the flywheel, pressure plate and throw out bearing.
  11. A word or caution for those considering a power soft top

    These tops are so new I don’t think you will find any dealers that have much of an answer - they are still trying to figure out how many quarts of oil to put in a JL
  12. Smartbar Sway bar disconnect Control Board

    Part number is on the board see if can help
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What light bar did you go on your bumper hoop? I have an LOD bumper and that light looks like it is about the right size.
  14. Pay for warranty work??

    At no point should a dirty undercarriage negate or incur additional costs within your warranty - this is a Jeep not a C class - a lot of people live in the country and drive daily on dirt roads - we shouldn’t have to have an immaculate vehicle for warranty work.
  15. Steersmart Steering installed JLUR, no change

    I have driven jeeps for 25yrs - I routinely get 40-50k miles on my tires as a weekend warrior - do a chalk test. 30psi with 33-35” tires is pretty common. I usually run around 15psi off-road If I need traction on rocky terrain.
  16. Steersmart Steering installed JLUR, no change

    I run mine 29-30 cold - do a chalk test don’t guess
  17. Pay for warranty work??

    It doesn’t take 9 hours to drop a manual transmission and determine if it has been abused - there are known issues with the slave cylinder and throw out bearings in this transmission - even if driving style is rough a new transmission shouldn’t fail and render a vehicle inoperable at 5k miles...
  18. Pay for warranty work??

    If there isn’t any modifications tied to the Powertrain / transmission that would are visibly obvious (lift, aftermarket wheels, tires etc.) that would cause premature wear or damage to your transmission they can’t charge you squat to investigate under warranty bumper to bumper warranty.