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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    It does come with 44s front and rear. I think I’ll be placing my order for one add front and rear bumpers Arb dual compressor and rear air locker
  2. Accutune with fox 2.5 factory shocks review

    how are the elkas? Mine are on order, waiting patiently
  3. Locker Options for Sport

    Thats not fun though! But yeah, my winch has saved me a few times, but I seem to use it on other people more
  4. Locker Options for Sport

    Lockers will get you further than big tires, most of the time Keep us updated! Looks good My ARB rear is coming shortly
  5. Re-gear vs Axle Swap (2 Door Man. Sport S No anti-spin)

    Ill get in on this thread. Im a manual 2dr JL also Regeared to 4.56. Trussed front m186 Running 35s Was waiting for OX, but being in Canada everything takes that much longer. I’ve ordered a rear arb air locker RD245 for the time being. If that goes well, i may invest a locker into the...
  6. AEV DualSport Suspension alternate shocks

    Im interested in this, I have the aev kit also. Bilstein makes the 5160 for JL now (resi) Same lengths as the aev but slightly shorter collapsed length so if you shortened the bumps you could gain some uptravel. But they’re are so many options now
  7. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    Im no professional. But it was the best mod I did to my jeep when i put 35” tires on it. All jeeps (sport saharah willys) come 3.45 gear ratios in the axles Rubicons come with 4.10 Diesels and some gladiators come with 3.73 Stock is say 32” tires with 3.45 gears. Drives good Now i have a 35...
  8. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    I ask, my next thing will be a rear OX for my JL. Wondering if you had and tips/experience Im running 315/70r17 on 4.56 gears. I think its perfect right now. But 4.88 would be nice if i ever go to 37s
  9. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    Did you get those OX lockers installed yet? What size tires?
  10. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    What fenders are those? Any other photos from different angles?
  11. Dana 44 with limited slip!

    OX locker has an option also
  12. California Ultimate dana 44

    I need it
  13. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    its got 25000 miles, still full warranty damn jeep, still waiting for months on the steering box tsb Valve sensor thing leaking and now this
  14. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    Can anyone help me with this oil residue? my passenger side valve cover is leaking and due in for warranty work, was crawling around the jeep today and found this on the lower engine, driver side Any ideas where its coming from?
  15. Larger battery (group 94 size) 3.6 engine

    this is good to know, makes sense with the tow package to include a bigger battery, plus it has a different alternator? my jeep was a base model 2 door, the battery came out of my colorado that i traded in wanted to see if it fit so I wouldn’t have an issue running my fridge and it worked
  16. M180 locker install

    in JKs the gussets were weak and would bend the C I dont think its as much of an issue on the JL, but for the $100 or so dollars, why not if you can weld yourself
  17. M180 locker install

    yes it bridges, sorry but the evo is for the 44 only yes, I just welded it to the cast a little at a time and used a torch to heat it up first and used the torch to slowly let it cool so it wouldn’t crack as the two metals cool down
  18. M180 locker install

    sorry, thought i read it fit the 30 also. Your stuck with the artec truss, i did it and it was very simple. Just time consuming
  19. M180 locker install

    Heres my turd30 Artec truss and gussets $200 Has 4.56 gears and dana diff cover Thinking about adding a lunchbox, or be smart and spend more for a rear locker on my 44