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  1. Jeep Challenge

    Hard enough getting into it normally. I already ripped the crotch out of a pair of shorts and a pair of pants.
  2. Which grill was/is the best?

    How do i change my vote?
  3. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

    Yes you can adjust the tail gate left,right,up and down by just loosening the 4 bolts you took out for the reinforcement. Its also likely they moved when you installed it and isn't just sag from the extra weight. If you place your hand on the latch of the tailgate you will feel plastic guide...
  4. Tailgate sag with 37” spare

    It needs to be adjusted, even by just removing the stock spare it goes high. Measure how far up it needs to go and add that on top of how far it came up with no spare. Do this without the help of the latch, it should close smoothly without the need of the plastic guide bushings on the body side...
  5. No Jeep waves here :(

    Around town when every other car is a Jeep I feel like i'm in a miss America parade, sorry to be a grump.
  6. Tube door mirror kit?

    My first impressions with the stock tires was that it had slightly more torque than perfect (i have a fat foot). Running the v6 with automatic 8 speed and think it's geared perfectly for 35's. I can still break traction on dry pavement off the line and easily get it past a comfortable highway...
  7. Tube door mirror kit?

    35's are fine on these axles. I wouldn't let that hold you back. Some people even run 37's. I can't wait to dune this jeep. I missed a trip to Glamis but hope to get there next winter.
  8. Tube door mirror kit?

    It's perfect. The only experience I have with it stock was driving it home from the dealership. with 35's, mopar lift, fox steering damper and rock krawler track bars and 30psi in tires, I can confirm with certainty it drives much better than stock. The bounce and bump steer is gone. 35's and...
  9. Tube door mirror kit?

    Still waiting, I told Hoag I have an owl neck now.
  10. Track Bars, or not after Mopar 2" lift kit

    35x12.50x17 BFG mud terrains with front and rear Rock Krawler track bars.
  11. Track Bars, or not after Mopar 2" lift kit

    I think it drives better than it did stock, but that may have more to do with running 30psi in the tires. I like the lift so far, I have had it on moderate obsticles but havn't disconected the sway bar and really flexxed it out yet. So far im really happy with it. The spring pad issue was...
  12. Yes this happened in NY today

    That's the concrete jungle package.
  13. How to stop scratches in thick scrub?

    Maybe that plastic people used to put over their couches would help.
  14. Am I overthinking this?

    I would program 36" and check it with gps. Another thing to fry your brain on is that tires grow the faster you go.
  15. 2012 Wrangler colors were cool

    Crush was an awesome color.
  16. I bought a fugly Jeep - meet Ric Flair

    I seen the post title and was going to jump in and say "it wasn't" before seeing it, but then ooooof.... Amazing recovery with the new front end. :fist bump:
  17. Why are MOPAR stuff SO Expensive????

    You get up to freeway speeds with the right shorts on, it's better than no pants.
  18. Why are MOPAR stuff SO Expensive????

    Thanks Ken! I still have a few things to do.
  19. LED headlamp in snow: has anyone wished or tried to switch to Halogen Headlamps?

    I have halogens with less than 2,000 miles. I'll send them to you with a fair amount of money added to trade if you decide to. I think the LED are awesome, but never experienced them in snow.