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  1. New Jersey Oracle LED conversion bulbs

    These are plug and play no reprogramming needed. I live in South Jersey. Haddonfield/Haddon Heights area.
  2. Black Rhino wheel Setup.

    You lose some view. It lifts the tire up 2 inches and it’s a 35” tire. I’d say it’s sitting almost halfway up my soft top window. Doesn’t impede the view in my opinion. I always do a shoulder glance before switching lanes.
  3. Black Rhino wheel Setup.

    I bought the RC spare tire relocation bracket. Holding up fine for 2.5 years now.
  4. Black Rhino wheel Setup.

    I have the Black Rhino Barstow with these specs on a 2.5” spacer lift on my 19 JLU. I run a 35x12.5x17. I use it as my DD on the 3.45 gears. I don’t see 8th as much as I did with the stock tires but if I am under 72 mph I can hit 8th pretty consistent unless on an incline. Not that mpg matters...
  5. Who Can Identify These Wheels?
  6. Who Can Identify These Wheels?

    I love these wheels on my rig. Nice thing is it’s a matte black so if they get scratched up wheeling very easy to touch up.
  7. Setting TPMS, Tire Size, and Gear Ratio "Permanently"?

    When I originally replied I forgot they came out with the ECRI module. It makes it easier to use with that module as you don’t have to play around under the dash to unplug the cables and then plug them back in. For me I set it and pretty much forget it but if I do need to change a setting I will...
  8. Setting TPMS, Tire Size, and Gear Ratio "Permanently"?

    If you are not worried about the start stop being deactivated get the JScan app with a Bluetooth OBD reader and the Chrysler bypass cables all for under $75 on Amazon. JScan is free but you need the license which is $20 if I remember right. You can change the settings you are looking to change...
  9. Recommended gearing for Sahara V6 with 3.45 gears on 35s with a rear D44

    I’m surprised you get that low mileage. I’m running 35 open country ATII and black rhino barstow and I get 15-16 city and 17-18 highway on the stock 3.45 gears. It has dropped down now due to the winter blend but I am still at 15 overall. I don’t see 8th a lot but I do see it below 72mph.
  10. Recommended gearing for Sahara V6 with 3.45 gears on 35s with a rear D44

    Apologies wasn’t trying to come off as belittling them. I indeed give them credit for making it work in the other JL. I was just stating my opinion that they may not understand these newer JL’s. I added that link so that you would be able to pass along the parts that would be needed so they...
  11. Recommended gearing for Sahara V6 with 3.45 gears on 35s with a rear D44

    Might want to look for a shop that truly understands differentials if they thought this was the same D44 as the previous models. Currently, if you have purchased the new JL Wrangler, you have Dana 30 front and Dana 35 rear axles, unless you specifically bought one with upgraded Dana 44s. All...
  12. 2.5 years windshield lasted

    Well I made it 2.5 years before I finally got a crack in the windshield. I’ll probably wait until it either gets a few inches longer or if it starts splintering out. What’s the going price on replacement these days?
  13. LED Upgrades

    I use JScan with this OBD reader: These cables...
  14. LED Upgrades

    You need to change the settings to LED. Your CAN system is seeing less voltage draw due to the LED light and you should also be getting a bulb out message on your EVIC. You can get the OBD JScan app and an OBD reader cheaper than tazer if that is all you are using it for. I use JScan and changed...
  15. JLU 2018 3.6L engine Issue

    Looks like the internals of the catalytic converter failed.
  16. LED Upgrades

    I’m pretty sure the top left is coming off my neighbors side door light. I think it’s just my fence showing the spillage. When I adjusted them off a brick wall there wasn’t anything above that main line. If I get a chance tomorrow night I’ll get a pic off the brick wall I used to adjust.
  17. LED Upgrades

    Don’t mind the boxes. Christmas was after our recycling day 😂
  18. LED Upgrades

    For what it’s worth I got the kiwi master 9” led lights and a set of aux beam led fogs for my 19 sport s and they both have perfect visibility and cutoff. Both sets of lights are also adjustable as well.
  19. New Jersey Oracle LED conversion bulbs

    Oracle LED conversion headlamp and fog light sets up for grabs for $100 for everything. Buyer pays shipping. These were in my 19 Sport S for the past year and a half. Nothing wrong with them I switched to halo headlights and led fogs as well.