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  1. Quoted build/delivery time. Wait... What???

    I ordered 11/30 and it got on the transport 1/4. 2022 JLUR Tuscadero
  2. How do I stop my JL from reporting daily the mileage, oil condition etc.. t the Jeep dealer electronically?

    The opt out link has been posted multiple times y'all. If you don't want them to have the data just call them or look in your owners manual. It's as if people just want something to be grumpy about sometimes, so maybe don't opt out so you don't have to think about what to complain about next:LOL:
  3. California Gobi Rack Stealth JLU Bronze

    Edit: Didn't include a location, whoops. I am in Big Bear but we can meet in Corona if that is a more central location as that is where the shop is that we can use to do the swap.
  4. California Gobi Rack Stealth JLU Bronze

    Hi, I’m trading in my 2019 for a 2022 in a few months. I ordered the Gobi June 4th of 2020 and received it just after Thanksgiving of 2020. The color is OIL RUBBED BRONZE LIGHT | PCB-4333 from Prismatic Powders. From what I’ve seen it’s very similar to the 392 colors.(I was first! haha) The...
  5. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Oh, that's great news for anyone who thought they might have missed it!
  6. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Ordered my Tuscadero JLUR yesterday and wasn’t aware 11/30 was the last day to order! Love the contrast of the black fenders and black hard top. Traded my painted top after a couple months on my 19 JLUR and have regretted the painted fenders on it as well. Debated for a long while about going...
  7. Revealed: Custom SEMA 2021 Jeeps - 4xe concept, Overlook 3-row concept, Kaiser M725 concept

    There are so many small things on that 4XE concept that they don't actually sell. It makes no sense that they wouldn't. JPP Dash Rail mounting system(There are lots avaialble, but this would sell a ton for the people who want 'Jeep' things.), Vinyl Floor(Just offer this from the factory Jeep)...
  8. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    After asking for this TSB to be done since this past summer I finally got my jeep back. The new steering box is like night and day! Much more effert required to turn the wheel(Steering feel was almost nonexistent before). Super happy that they finally took care of this.
  9. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    I have a Gobi rack and the blind spot sensors. Do you think the support rod will interfere since the sensors have been relocated?
  10. I never thought I’d say this

    You just described like 8-10 months of the year in Southern California. I am glad to be getting rid of the 120 degree weather, but it’s still up around 110 here. Once we’re in the mid-90’s I’ll be a happy camper!
  11. How many miles did you go until cracked windshield

    I'm at just over 32k with no cracks from the outside of the windshield. When my rear hardtop glass shattered, the shrapnel hit the windshield and left a star from the inside, but it hasn't spread in the last 8k miles.
  12. TUSCADERO Jeep Wrangler exterior color now open for limited availability ordering ($395 MSRP) + First real-life photos!

    Really dying to resolve this Lemon case before this color is discontinued... The dealer that got the first one is the dealer I got to for all my service visits.
  13. How old is the 2.0 T?

    I go to the Hemet Jeep dealer. It’s about an hour drive for me, but they have a great service department.
  14. How old is the 2.0 T?

    Completely covered under warranty.
  15. How old is the 2.0 T?

    I’m sure if someone is coming from another 4 or 6 cylinder vehicle it’s adequate, or if they have a light foot. I had a Tahoe before the Jeep and miss the power of the V8, but don’t need a 392. If the 5.7 was an option at 10k or so I’d be all over it though. The 2.0 having the turbo really makes...
  16. How old is the 2.0 T?

    There’s probably a better source on the specifics, but it’s one of the mechanical components in the top end of the engine, near the valves.
  17. Interior Design - Let's hear your thoughts!

    Who are the fools asking for a bigger center console? Whatever you decide to do next, just make sure you don't get rid of the t-case shifter for an electronic version. If there is no power to the vehicle you can't put it in neutral.
  18. Factory Halogen to OEM LED Headlights Swap - What I Learned

    If the package didn't come with any additional lights then your way is definitely a great option! Thanks for putting together such an easy to read write up.
  19. Under Hood Heat

    I've run my 2.0 JLUR in the 120+ degree weather that I live in for two summers now. No overheating issues. The hood prop does get super hot, but it's a metal rod near a running engine.. That's why they put the yellow foam on there for you to grab it with.
  20. ACE Slider Install - Hints from fellow JL/JLU Owner's

    Ah, well I wouldn't it would be free, but if you can find the 6 bolts you'll need they won't be that much. I'd rather buy them and not need them than need them and not have them. Just remember, go slow. I did about a quarter turn at a time and took my time. Had no issues. The bolts take...