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  1. 2" lift with 33s - was your 2" lift actually a 2" lift?

    My Rubi got some new rubber today. 35x12.5r17 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss. Went with Spidertrax WHS024 1 3/4" Wheel Spacer, Mopar 82215356AB Tailgate Reinforcement Kit, Mopar 82215355 Oversize Spare Tire Carrier Mounting Bracket Kit and the Mopar 82215349 Center High Mounted 3rd Brake Light...
  2. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    The kiddo is always taking the Jeep lol
  3. Flowmaster Outlaw Cat-back Exhaust

    Sounds just like mine. Nothing like a Flowmaster that’s for sure
  4. Magnaflow exhaust system for the JL

    It’s the cat back system
  5. Magnaflow exhaust system for the JL

    Check out high clearance option from Flowmaster. This is the outlaw for my 2 door JLR. Love the tone of this exhaust.
  6. Recommendations on high clearance exhaust

    This was taking it real easy this morning. I’ll do a more aggressive drive tomorrow and add it on here as well.
  7. Trouble hearing exhaust

    This was my solution for my JLR. Sounds great on the road.
  8. Recommendations on high clearance exhaust

    This is a clip I just recorded on my JL Rubicon 2door. Deep and aggressive tone. Exactly what I had hoped for. People have already been asking if I had a stock engine lol. Flowmaster 817851 Cat-back Kit 18 Wrangler JL 3.6L 2 Door Outlaw
  9. Super HP-2 muffler?

    I just uploaded to YouTube. Never uploaded anything there before, hopefully it helps. Let me know what you think.
  10. Super HP-2 muffler?

    It isn’t allowing me to upload the video from my phone. Any ideas ?
  11. Super HP-2 muffler?

    I’ll make one tomorrow for you. It sounds absolutely amazing.
  12. Super HP-2 muffler?

    New Flowmaster Outlaw being installed Friday!! This will be my third vehicle with a Flowmaster exhaust and can’t wait