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  1. Front wheel area squeak

    Dealer called and said they have no idea what it was, but he said he cant hear it anymore. Picked it up today, they say not making the noise anymore, but they did nothing to fix it. Usually happens to me first thing in the morning, so I'll check it tomorrow.
  2. My auto stop start saga

    I'm going through this same issue with my dealer right now. They have had the jeep for over a week. Ive asked more than once if they've load tested both batteries, and have been told not yet. Supposed to be done tomorrow. We'll see.
  3. Front wheel area squeak

    My 2019 Rubicon is in the shop as I type this. A rotational squeak is on the list of things they are looking at. Supposed to be done tomorrow, I'll let you know what they find.
  4. California Paying it forward

    Item has been taken.
  5. California Paying it forward

  6. California Sold: Paying it forward

    Mounting brackets for the Molle Platform Solutions passenger-side JLU Molle Basket Panel, (you would need to buy the front panel from MPS). These are New. Yours for FREE, just pay USPS flat-rate shipping ($8.55).
  7. Driver Seat Height Adjustment

    Nope, never found a fix. I know its not me bumping the lever though. On my list of things to have checked.
  8. Need Help: Lights not working when Flat Towing

    Take it back to the dealer and have them install it correctly this time.
  9. Sun Visor Broken

    Same here with my 2019. Just had it at the dealer also.
  10. Another FTM-400 Ham Radio Install - Pic heavy

    @rfm8os removing the fender makes is 10x easier. I used a xacto knife to cut a small slit in the grommet from the inside, then used a fish tape and pushed it through until I felt resistance. I left the fish tape in place, moved to the firewall side, and used the xacto knife to cut a slit where...
  11. Another FTM-400 Ham Radio Install - Pic heavy

    @auxSwitch, currently, I don't think i'd change anything......I'm very happy with the result. I did see a post by another member here where he removed the infotainment screen, drilled up through the top of the dash, and ran his wires that way. It was a clean look, but much more involved. I...
  12. California SOLD MetalCloak JL/JT Overland Fenders

    Price Drop - $580
  13. California Sold: SOLD MetalCloak JL/JT Overland Fenders

    Brand new, never mounted, MetalCloak front Overland Tube Fenders. Will fit JL or JT. Black factory powder coat, all brackets and hardware included. Cannot ship. I'll take photos if you need to see the unmounted fenders. SOLD
  14. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    I would love a set of these for my Rubicon.
  15. Another FTM-400 Ham Radio Install - Pic heavy

    Good timing, I happen to be on the computer. In answer to your question, I have not taken any readings, but I have always received good signal reports during QSO's.
  16. Giveaway of the Month - August 2020 -- JL Wrangler HD Drag Link

    Would love to add some @Metalcloak goodies to my front end.
  17. New Roam front Innovator bumper for JL and JT

    One of the better looking bumpers out there. Any idea if comparable with the Maximus3 tow loops, for RV towing?
  18. Driver Seat Height Adjustment

    Maybe......I’ll pay more attention this week.
  19. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Took our 19' JLUR to Moab last October with 5000 on the clock. Spent 8 days on the trails and had a blast. Admittedly, didn't do anything to gnarly with the new ride.