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  1. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    There's a lot of factors here. The dilemma with Jeeps is they have always been vehicles that hold their value - in my opinion more than they're objectively worth. This was true in the used TJ market years ago, and the JL has exacerbated this. I'm not sure if burst is the right word, but it's...
  2. Bittersweet Day: Traded in my JLU for a Ford..

    Don't feel bad brother. If it's not the right fit - it's not the right fit. A strange component of automotive hobbies is the larger-than-normal brand identity thing. At the end of the day it's just a vehicle. You can always buy another one if you want. I'm jeepless for awhile, too, and probably...
  3. Jeep Insecurities

    This must be a mistake. "Davenport!"
  4. Jeep Brand Average Selling Price up 25% Year over Year!!!

    Absolutely true - my decision was of course particular to my sitution and given much thought. Context: as my for sale post said, for the next 24 months or so we will be doing motorcyle touring. I also do some forest road camping. The big thing is I cant put it off another year: I need to rebuild...
  5. Jeep Brand Average Selling Price up 25% Year over Year!!!

    Yea it's nuts. Traded in my Jeep the other day for 6k more than I paid for it. Dollar rex....I dunno what it is but it's bonkers.
  6. Washington FS - Ursa Minor J30 Camper Top

  7. FS: Ursa Minor J30 Camper Top

  8. Safety Recall Alert! 2020 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Supply Line

    Dropped off jeep at 830am - was done by 10:15. No issues so far. Rairdons of Marysville in Washington.
  9. Overland Jeeps

    I started Jeep camping to find remote locations to target shoot. I was riding a motorcycle exclusively at the time (long story) and finally one winter and one too many close calls with ice I decided riding a motorcycle with a bunch of guns and then hiking in just wasn't fun. Recreational...
  10. Safety Recall Alert! 2020 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Supply Line

    Mine goes in this Saturday. Hoping for a nice, clean one-and-done repair.
  11. How important are heated seats to you?

    Not at all. We've had em on a few vehicles. Nice but not necessary in the same way I'd say "omfg A/C is damn necessary." Tbh when it's really, really cold - I never put a load on an engine without letting it warm up, and the JL heats up so damn fast by the time the vehicle hits operating temp I...
  12. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    Fully stock except for the hard top.
  13. Carrying gas cans and or Bigger Tank?

    I agree with your initial conclusion - unless you're adding a proper extended tank - look into The Road Chose Me instagram page for a recent post on his Gladiator in Australia - extra cans are not worth the effort unless you're a person who likes prepping for things that aren't going to happen...
  14. What's the deal with hard-mounting your air compressor?

    Mine is in a bag under my floorboard. I can quickly access it through the side when the doors are open. In my LJ and one of my TJs I had hard mounted ones. I like the portability of being able to move it around.
  15. Ordered a 22 , having a hard time trading in 04

    When I bought my 20' they offered me 5 in trade for my 2006 LJ. I said not a penny less than 8 or I walk. They took it. Im sure I could have easily got 10 private sale. Imo push harder or post it online.
  16. Your take on the RTT vs. Ground tent debate

    My 2cents... I've done ground tents for years, box-style RTT, and Ursa Minor. For a million reasons, Ursa is my favorite. Good things cost money - mine was 7k, but 42k cost of jeep I'm still under 50k before tax for a JLUR + Ursa. If you can afford the cost and the wait...there is no...
  17. Need opinions/advice.

    For me, the *financial* decision alone would depend on the whole picture. What is your income, how long are you intending to keep working - do you intend to retire or are you a person who never sees that as an option? Do you own your house? If you died tomorrow or ended up sick for a long time...
  18. Safety Recall Alert! 2020 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Supply Line

    Took mine in for the recall - they ordered parts. We will see how long it takes for them to come in. They said mine wasn't leaking and it was safe to drive until the part arrives.