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  1. Custom Auxiliary Switch Covers

    I would be very interested also
  2. Hood Slam

    When I was shopping for my LJ there was one that I was very interested in but at one point the wind had blown the hood off the prop rod and onto the windshield leaving a crease across the hood. I passed.
  3. Hood Slam

    A jeep owner without a Dremel?
  4. Hood Slam

    Yeah but you have to disconnect the struts if you want to have real access to the engine and lay the hood on the windshield.
  5. ARB Twin Compressor Mount

    Next time allow a minute or two after the compressor is off and you start disconnecting the air hoses. I think that will give time for the pressures to equalize. I am planning to piece this system together on my own so I would really appreciate some feedback on this.
  6. 392 DIY Oil Filter preference

    I have seen at least two different versions of the 392 performance supplement. One said capacity was 7.0 quarts, the other 7.5. I'm really hoping for 7.0, I hate dealing with fractional quarts of oil.
  7. Graphic color choice

    I don’t have the car yet

    Yesterday we had a charity wiffle ball tournament on the baseball field of the local high school in the name of a 16 year old baseball player who unexpectedly died of a brain aneurysm a few years ago. After it was all over we spent quite some time picking up half full bottles of water...
  9. Worst thing to happen with top/doors off?

    On third date with a woman who is always dressed perfectly with perfect hair/makeup. 0% chance of rain, no top on the Jeep. We get caught in the rain and right away its hard enough for the inside of the windshield to be covered in rain drops so I had to slow down for safety, then we were...
  10. 392 hood disassembly for graphics

    So you are talking about the material going under the bumpers that hold the windshield when folded correct? If the graphic was not designed for that wouldn't the holes in the graphic be too big to go under the bumpers? Maybe I am confused....
  11. Looks like chip shortage is real, lot of closures at Toledo OH plant

    Doesn't mean ALL parts have been gathered. Not even close in my experience.
  12. My idea for a storage solution on a JLU--Picture heavy.

    Great post! I am a fan of Milwaukee power tools and was just at HD a couple of days ago trying to figure out how to incorporate them into storage for my Jeep (s). I have also been looking at the AAL mounting plate system. The only drawback I see in what you have done is the small under floor...
  13. Oil capacity aluminum oil pans vs steel pans?

    You used the SRT MO-041 filter? I also noticed in both versions of the 392 guide that they simply say they recommend using a Mopar oil filter without giving the part number.
  14. Oil capacity aluminum oil pans vs steel pans?

    Post # 116
  15. Tomorrow is DEC 6

    Mine has been in inspection stage for over 3 weeks.
  16. Oil capacity aluminum oil pans vs steel pans?

    I've found 2 versions of the 392 supplement. One said 7.0 qts, the other 7.5.
  17. Oil capacity aluminum oil pans vs steel pans?

    I have seen somewhere that the pans ARE interchangeable. The block has holes that fit the steel pan but not the aluminum pan so with the aluminum pan installed it appears the holes are not there.
  18. Hothead headliner installation warning

    When installing the headliner on my LJ top I messed up one section. Called hothead and explained what I did and they sent me new velcro no charge. Sound assassin strips are simply strips of Noico that you can buy in bulk from Amazon. If I feel like I need headliner in my JL (on order) I will...
  19. It’s true: the drain plug has been removed from the front diff on Rubicon

    Probably only useful for a re-fill in the field but I see that as rare.