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  1. SelecTrac

    Selec-Trac full time 4x4 4WD system discussions <-- that's a good discussion we had on it.
  2. Stop complaining about the red dash in the Rubicon!

    @JAY said that Jeep confirmed more trim options are in the works. Plus, he just posted in this other thread that he found the Sahara's driver's side black leatherette trim piece in the dealer system already for $240. So you can just order up trim pieces from other models if you like them more.
  3. JLWF will report 2018 Wrangler JL reveal live from LA! What do you want to see?

    Sport comes with the base 5" screen which doesn't have Apple CarPlay. But if you upgrade to the Technology Group, that gives you the 7" Uconnect 4 display which features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Check out this list --...
  4. So what JL Wrangler aftermarket parts & products do you want to see first?

    +1 the ZF 8 speed automatic is widely used and has a good reputation. But this is really getting off-topic for this thread subject.
  5. Hello From Bestop!

    Welcome Bestop! Great to see you guys I've always been a big fan of your products and customer service.
  6. First in-action photos + videos of 2018 Wrangler JL and JLU getting wet and dirty in New Zealand!

    Thanks. That and more interior photos were posted in the Interior Pics thread -- JL Wrangler interior photos!
  7. JL Wrangler interior photos!

    "MEDIA" panel, among other places.
  8. More 2018 Wrangler JL Colors Coming - Nacho, Mojito!, Punk'n, Ocean Blue, Sting-Gray (with renders)

    Because we already know what Granite looks like and it looks exactly like the color shown on that gray bead ring. Therefore, if we can all agree they would not offer two extremely similar colors, we can deduce that is almost certainly Granite.
  9. Uncovered 2018 Wrangler JLU Rubicons hit the streets!

    Absolutely love the new grille and hood. Much more upright and aggressive looking, wish they got more pics of it up close.
  10. Just ordered my JLU Sport!

    Man that was fast! Congrats you're definitely the first one here to have placed an order :fist bump: Looking forward to making one of these threads soon.
  11. JL & JLU Wrangler Axle Gear Ratios: 3.45, 3.73, 4.10

    Yea looks like the base axle ratio is now 3.45. And I would think N/A means not available as option.
  12. JL/JLU Wrangler 2.0L Turbo Gets 368 HP (Source: FCA docs to NHTSA)!

    Thanks for the update. Devil's advocate theory: This doesn't necessarily mean the original figure is wrong? Maybe they weren't expecting the number to be found on the filing and announced all over the internet, and now they're trying to put the cat back in the bag so to speak.
  13. Opinions on purchasing 2017 JKU or wait on JLU

    Keyless entry and 8” unconnect are confirmed. Along with a lot of other upgrades and improvements. You should check out the full list of what’s confirmed so far - I think after...
  14. JL/JLU Wrangler 2.0L Turbo Gets 368 HP (Source: FCA docs to NHTSA)!

    Get a grip on the conspiracy theories. Did you click on the link in the first post? The document is an official FCA doc on NHTSA’s website. So you think FCA submitted a bonus doc to NHTSA to troll us? Cmon man.
  15. Ran into the JL commercial shoot in Colorado!

    Epic first post and nice grab! Now you HAVE to go check your photos and see if you caught one in the distance. :)
  16. Jeep JL Called "Chief" and not "Wrangler"?

    I don't think they're squeezing 3 rows into this cab. Actually I don't know any pickups with 3 row seating.
  17. Future JL owners - what mods / modifications do you foresee/planning (so far)?

    Agreed. I've lived in a city with my JKU and think it's actually a great city vehicle for a few reasons. The top can pretty much always stay off (weather permitting) since you're hardly ever on highways or going at speeds where the wind and other elements makes it uncomfortable/impractical for...
  18. JL or JLU, which will you choose?

    The JKU's 41 ft. turning radius isn't THAT horrible considering its 116" wheelbase. For comparison the BMW 5 series has 117" wheelbase and 40 ft. turning radius. Mazda CX-9 has 115" wheelbase and 39 ft. turning radius. Nissan Pathfinder has 114" and 39 ft. turning radius.
  19. Buying 2018 Wrangler JL under invoice?

    Question is how long before the line hits full production volume. According to the production timeline posted it'll be March 2018 by the time the full lineup of 2 and 4 door models with soft and hard tops (with 3.6L and 2.0L engines) are being produced at the same time. So we might see...
  20. JL Wrangler body in white shell shows fender lights + vents, hood latches + design, roll cage frame

    I think he's talking about the little bend/kink in the grille like Matt mentioned. Personally I think it's a nice modern take on the TJ/YJ grille but if you don't like it it's one of the easiest and cheapest parts to replace. I'm sure there will be plenty of unibrow and angry eyes flat grilles...