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  1. 80 Years apart

    Very cool. Best, -Tim
  2. Jeep vs Bronco: So that Bronco Rack & Pinion Steering Ford is so happy about seems to have some issues

    Certainly the Bronco was no match for the Stepchild, but did you hear the Bronco owner talking about how many times the rack & pinion steering has broken on his Bronco. It wasn't just what Kevin and Brittany lead him thru, it broke numerous times before that. Ford brags about how their rack &...
  3. Jeep vs Bronco: So that Bronco Rack & Pinion Steering Ford is so happy about seems to have some issues

    I've seen a couple of Bronco reviews that mocked the Jeep Wrangler's steering set up, emphasizing how much better the Bronco's rack & pinion set up performs. Looks like "not so much" on the tougher trails. Wrangler vs Bronco, rock crawling Best, -Tim
  4. 2.0T 0-60 in 5.8 seconds

    We've got a 2-Door so maybe things are different in the Unlimiteds, but I am so tired of hearing people complain about driving the Wrangler on the highway, how exhausting it is, how you have to constantly do steering corrections. Ours is a 2019 and I regularly drive it on the highway, and it...
  5. Ordered a 22 , having a hard time trading in 04

    I agree with @west tex, clean it up, wax it, buff it out if need be, detail the snot out of it, and sell it on Craigslist. Worked great for us and got thousands more than trade-in offer. Best, -Tim
  6. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Filled up yesterday, Northern Illinois $3.29 Regular Unleaded Best, -Tim
  7. Need opinions/advice.

    Having been involved in the YouTube channel business for a few years, I can tell you with certainty that having a 392 verses a Willy's or Rubicon will have no effect on whether your YouTube channel makes it or not. The type of YouTube channel you are describing will depend mostly on the...
  8. MPG'S!!!

    If I keep it between 55mpg & 65mph I regularly get 25mpg on the highways with our 2-Door 3.6 Auto trans. Running it at 70mph and higher drops the mpg considerably. Best, -Tim
  9. The new Bronco is UGLY

    As they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." And to this beholder, all the new Bronco's are butt ugly. Best, -Tim
  10. No new inventory going on a month now

    Anyone else seeing this at their local dealer? Ours hasn't had any new Wrangler inventory for almost a month now. Drove past the Belvidere Assembly Plant(Cherokee) here in Illinois a couple times this week and the employee parking lot was empty both times. Has the chip shortage shut down Jeep...
  11. Jeep Reveal? [Update: Jeep RED Compass edition, Ram 1500 Limited RED, Jeep RED Renegade]

    While I applaud Jeep/Ram/Fiat for helping the RED campaign, $4 million seems like a piss-ass amount to donate. They're probably spending more than that just on the ad campaign. Better that money just be donated to RED. Best, -Tim
  12. JL resale values are insane!

    Just looked at Kelley Blue Book for average trade-in on our 2019 2-Door Sport S and it's $1000 over what we paid for it in 2019. Never owned any kind of vehicle that appreciated over the first few years of ownership. Much more used to them declining in value by 40-50%. Best, -Tim
  13. Need help deciding between two Rock Rails

    I installed Roam rock rails on our 2019 2-door the first week we got it. Love them. Do need to touch up some of the paint chips with Rust-o-leum but otherwise, very solid. Best, -Tim
  14. To sell or not to sell?

    For 10% more, I'd do it. Most of my mods I can take off and put on a new Wrangler, so I'm not out anything. I understand why Jeep is doing this, just checked, there is not a single new Wrangler on my local dealer's lot. And only six used Wranglers, only one being a JL. Best, -Tim
  15. First Extreme Recon Edition Package Jeep JL Rubicon I’ve seen! - Added suspension + more pics

    OMG I'm in Love. Growing up in the 1960's our next door neighbors had a very hot twenty-something year old full time babysitter who drove a red Jeep with white wheels (not wagon wheels) and I never remember her once having the top on it. She would pile all us kids into it and give us rides to...
  16. What was your first modification??

    Roam Rock Rails on our JL 2-door. Best, -Tim
  17. Permanently disable engine auto start stop (ESS) at stoplights?

    I've been using the Smart Stop/Start module for the last couple years on our 2019 2-door V6 automatic. At first I hated that the Jeep had stop/start but now, with the eliminator, I appreciate it for our circumstances. Unfortunately we live surrounded by two train lines, so we regularly have...
  18. is $55k otd a good price for a JL?

    If it's exactly what you want, color-wise and options-wise, and they have it on the lot, and you can get it now, and you can swing the bucks, I'd say "Go for it." Our local dealer has zippo on the lot as far as 2-doors, and only a couple 4-doors, and it's been like that the month of August...
  19. Drag race: Bronco 2.3 vs. Wrangler 3.6 & 2.0 - w/Premium fuel ⛽️

    Oh come on now, are you really worried that your Jeep Wrangler won't have enough power to merge onto the freeway? Best, -Tim
  20. Drag race: Bronco 2.3 vs. Wrangler 3.6 & 2.0 - w/Premium fuel ⛽️

    I know we bought our Wrangler because I wanted to use it in the 1/4 mile. SMH. Best, -Tim