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  1. Rubicon Suspension on 2-door Sport

    I thought the factory springs on my 2dr were too soft/too much body roll on the road. These 4dr rubi springs seemed to firm the ride up a little for me, which I prefer to a swishy/disconnected feeling suspension. Like you say, it's subjective.
  2. Are these Rubicon 4xe wheels that came stock on my Sport S?

    Those are... Gladiator wheels if I'm not mistaken. I've seen them listed as take offs on classifieds. I don't think FCA uses any gladiator rims on wranglers... So, maybe dealer shenanigans?
  3. Garvin Trail Rack Thoughts?

    I feel like it's a lost cause really... at least without hefty tailgate reinforcement of some kind, in addition to relocating the spare. I think those tailgate racks are for things like sleeping bags or a duffle full of toilet paper, not gas cans and coolers... Anything heavy and you're...
  4. Water just pours in when it rains

    This is by design. The Jeep heater burns so hot, it would fill the Jeep with dry, irritating air without the humidifying effects of some water pooling on your lap. They thought of everything, eh?
  5. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    Hood blackout vinyl. I had a t-shirt wadded up on the dash for months to keep the hood glare out of my eyes. It should have been a day 1 mod.
  6. Half doors review

    Hah.. my daughter has tried closing the door by the door opener too. If the uppers aren't on, I grab the top of the door, but with the uppers in.... Yeah I fumble around a bit to grab something. The pull strap maybe isn't in a place that makes sense. It's down too low and too far forward I...
  7. Military Style Wheels for JLUR

    Mammoth General, 17x9 5x5 I believe the bolts are able to be removed and replaced if you wanted to change them out to black ones for a more authentic look.
  8. Soft Top Options for 2-door JL Sport

    I was interested in this myself; I priced it out to $1600 for the Mopar tan top and MasterTop tan windows (just the fabric parts) on Quadratec. I don't know how exact the Mopar and MasterTop fabrics are, but I'll bet they are the same. You'd still need donor hardware from another top if you...
  9. Let's see those JL's rockin Half Doors! 2 & 4 doors

    hah.. sorry man, already blacked out
  10. Soft Top Options for 2-door JL Sport

    Here's a video of someone pulling the suntop off and putting it back on; it's a JK, but I think it's largely the same for the JL version: The back windows look like a pretty big hassle, but they do roll/fold into a much smaller footprint than the OEM windows. The top part rolls forward so...
  11. Mopar Fuel Filler Cover Install?

    I got an el-cheap-o knock-off style one off of Amazon a while ago... It was pretty effortless from what I remember. Here's a video that shows all the steps (should be the same for all brands of fuel doors):
  12. 2-door backseat aftermarket. Single bucket, etc

    Yeah, probably a bracket that spans between the current back seat mount points with a couple of extra slots or d-rings in the middle for the inside of the seats. It may not be perfectly flat with one seat removed, but it would still work.
  13. 2-door backseat aftermarket. Single bucket, etc

    I haven't seen anything. I'd buy a split bench or two buckets in a heartbeat if they were independent fold/remove.
  14. Let talk 2 door JL

    Yeah, as of 2021 they make a 4-door Jeep if you option for it. It comes with two full doors and two half doors. :bandit:
  15. Help with tire sizes

    If you have stock Sport S 17" rims, 285/75-R17 is probably the largest you can go without rubbing & still be within the tire manufacturer's acceptable rim width. You may need to remove the little euro air dams between the front bumper and fender flares if you still have them installed; a lot of...
  16. I love my manual Jeep, but...

    There is an option to relocate your hazards...
  17. Best combo for reliability?

    This is probably true... plus progressive regulation that will outlaw combustion.
  18. Best combo for reliability?

    I have a 3.6 MT and 3.6 AT... I've always preferred manuals. Given a choice between the two JL transmissions, I'd get the automatic, even if it was mated to a 1600cc VW Bug engine.
  19. New MasterTop products on Quadratec

    Yeah, just the back makes a big difference for airflow and doesn't require surgery on the rear pillars, but it's a heck of a deal at $120 for the whole set.