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  1. Uconnect Access vs Sirius Guardian

    The dealer told me all they did was unplug and replug it back in. They could have reflashed on not told me.
  2. Uconnect Access vs Sirius Guardian

    It works now. All dealer did was to unplug battery.
  3. Uconnect Access vs Sirius Guardian

    I had the same issue where they told me to hit the sos and it would not stop calling. Was at the dealer at the time and the only way they got it to stop was disconnect the battery. Works know but it kept redialing for over 2 hours when it started. Dealer had no idea why it did this.
  4. Which Sun Shade for 2020 JLU Rubicon?

    I have the Jtop USA and really like it. I don’t have any experience with the others. You can roll the jtop back to the sound bar so the front is open. They don’t advertise this but I do it all the time with no problem.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I did much agonizing research between the two and decided to go with Terra Flex based on what I think is an incomplete Mopar kit and reading several complaints. It also did not help that out of 5 dealerships in my area non of them could answer questions I had and I did not feel like any of them...
  6. Indiana 2018 Sahara JL suspension parts $50

    2018 Sahara JL suspension parts 6,000 miles 4 shocks 4 springs Front and rear sway bar links Front steering stabilizer Two brackets This item is probably too expensive to ship Live in the Louisville, Ky Southern Indiana area
  7. Anyone from Kentucky around here?

    From Louisville, work in Louisville, but live in Southern Indiana. V3 Jeep shop is a really good shop in Louisville if you ever need any work done.
  8. JLU (4DR) Sold: JLU factory floor mats

    Factory floor mats that came with my Sahara JLU 4 door. I don’t think these are premium. They are carpet mats with Jeep embroidered on front mats. Will ship if buyer pays shipping. $25
  9. JLU (4DR) Sold: JTopsUSA Sunshade

    JTopUSA sunscreen for 4 Door Jeep JL $100 Louisville, Ky Southern Indiana area. Will ship if buyer pays shipping.
  10. Free 1 piece Diabolical Slipstream top

    Free solid top for Diabolical Slipstream. I have two of them. One that is black powder coated with the matching wing fin. Another solid black that has a shiny Finnish that only has a fin that matches a JK. You can order a JL fin or just take the one off your existing slipstream and it will...
  11. Indiana 18” Sahara upgraded stock wheels and tires-Sold!

    I do. They have been stored in my garage and are in excellent condition.
  12. Naked JL Pics - Topless and Doorless (Jeeps only please)

    Thanks! That’s a JTopsUSA. I just rolled it back and tucked the buckles inside the roll. Works perfect. Run 80mph and it does not move. The magnets on the front of the top keep it in place.
  13. Kentucky Trektop NX - TWILL version

    How do the windows look? Any major scratches? What is the additional roof skin?
  14. After getting your JL, what option do you regret not getting?

    Proximity locks. Would pay double to get it on today.
  15. Steel Bumper Fitment on Sahara

    I installed the steel bumper on my Sahara and had to buy the plastic piece that is designed for the steel bumper to eliminate the gap. The plastic piece that comes on the Sahara will work but it does not look right. That plastic piece cost me around $25 from a dealer.