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  1. Electric Noise “Removal”

    Yes, there is a law that took effect here in the U.S. sometime after 2018 IIRC. My 2017 Focus Electric had the speaker system but it wasn't activated for North America (only active overseas because their regulation was in effect at that time....) No law against modifying. Same rules apply...
  2. Charging notice

    Unfortunately that feature doesn't exist in Jeep's mobile app. UConnect is very underwhelming compared to MyFordMobile. Heck, the 4xe doesn't even have the ability to set departure times. :(
  3. 4xe totally dead? Anyone experience this?

    Agree. Dead 12v battery is the most likely cause. I have had this very issue occur recently on my F250 Power Stroke as well as our PHEV CMax Energi. ICE and EVs need a 12v battery in order to function.
  4. I have the Eco Diesel JLUR, considering getting the 4xe need real world info

    I took a 378 mile trip yesterday and averaged 22.4 mpg when I divide miles traveled by gallons consumed. Not sure why the mpg was so good. Perhaps because it was a trip through the mountains and the regen harvesting helped overall efficiency compared to flat terrain?
  5. I have the Eco Diesel JLUR, considering getting the 4xe need real world info

    I get about 20 mpg in hybrid mode on the freeway. You never run out of hybrid battery. I get about 16 mpg towing a small trailer. PHEVs are bad electric vehicles and so-so ICE vehicles so don't expect the 4xe to outperform your diesel for highway mpg or towing. That being said the 4xe is a...
  6. Which level 2 charger to get?

    Well that sucks. Then it's only advantage over the Grizzl-e is circuit share? That is a pretty nice feature though and worth the difference In price IMO. The trend is that one EV in a household leads to another and that other is usually a BEV. The Gruzzl-e is strong enough to drive a...
  7. Which level 2 charger to get?

    I believe that unit has WiFi and blue tooth and the power delivery can be adjusted via mobile app. I could be wrong though. I get my EVSE models confused because there are so many on the market and new models released every few weeks. I think the Tesla unit is about the same as the...
  8. Which level 2 charger to get?

    No power share. No data tracking. More thermal losses. No throttling (without adjusting dip switches) Less capable IMO. Decent unit but not superior IMO. I would use it if available though.
  9. Which level 2 charger to get?

    Cheaper than $415 and more capable? Which brand is that? Pretty hard to beat the Tesla EVSE....
  10. Do all 4xes qualify for $7500 tax credit?

    The available tax credit is determined by the battery size so all 4xe Wrangler PHEVs qualify. As for the varies. Up to $7500 but could be less depending on the owners tax liability for that given year.
  11. Melted 4xe charging port

    Never seen that before. What EVSE were you using? The one that came with the Jeep?
  12. Modification needed if installing Genesis dual battery system in 4xe

    We have the tow package in our Jeep so I think that comes with a slightly higher capacity LVB. When out camping, I have run our Dometic CF50 for 3 days without any issues. Still plenty of power available to start the EV systems and if not, I carry a jumper pack powerful enough to fire up the...
  13. Jeep Wrangler 4xe first impressions from Sandy Munro

    Initial testing and reports that I have seen indicate a BEV's range while on trail with reasonable to significant elevation change is about 1/3rd of EPA rated range on pavement. This means folks who own BEVs up North in cold climates will feel lucky to 'only' lose 40% of their range to cold...
  14. Federal Tax Credit $7,500 Buying not Leasing

    Unless you purchased the vehicle with intent to sell. Fairly hard to prove unless the buyer has a dealers license.
  15. Federal Tax Credit $7,500 Buying not Leasing

    Your sales agreement saying you purchased the vehicle NEW is what you will need for your tax filing. The phase out period triggers a bit after the 200k sale is made and Jeep isn't close to that figure yet. You have plenty of time to claim your tax incentive which is "Up To $7500" (depending...
  16. Recording kWhs Used To Charge

    Yes. Basic no cost plan. I believe the subscription plan is for owners who wish to set up point of sale features in order to charge people to use the machine.
  17. Recording kWhs Used To Charge

    There might be a manual somewhere.....let me see if I can find it. Meanwhile, it's pretty easy. They communicate via bluetooth so that might work with an old phone. Sounds reasonable. Just download the app and then it will ask you if you have an EVSE unit already. Answer yes it will let...
  18. Recording kWhs Used To Charge

    Did you set up a user account with wallbox? If so, you can see the charge details with your mobile or desktop app.
  19. E - save

    Your usage is sensible. For a 60 mile round trip it is most efficient to use the electric motor on surface streets and the gasoline engine on the freeway. In that scenario, you are using each power-train where it's most efficient. Electric motors are least efficient at highway speeds as...
  20. Public Charging?

    To be honest.... Public charging isn't really all that practical with the 4xe. That machine is L2. I am surprised it says 7.3 kW because that means the library has 120/240 panel which isn't that common. Most should be 120/208 which would then be 6.6kW speeds. Then the 4xe is really not that...