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  1. Jeep Wrangler 392 engine failure after 25 miles - Update 01/15/22

    My heart sank when I read this. Hopefully, they get this matter straightened out to your satisfaction. I thought my tailgate paint defect was bad, but a 392 engine takes the cake.
  2. My First Wrangler! Justice for the High Altitude!

    I second that! Absolutely worth every dime.
  3. My First Wrangler! Justice for the High Altitude!

    Congrats! The High Altitudes are 🔥🔥🔥. It took me a minute to decide between the Rubicon and the High Altitude when I was getting ready to place my order earlier this year. I was coming out of a 2019 Rubicon so I ultimately went with another Rubicon and so far so good. You made a great...
  4. Weather tech Cargo Liner Now Available

    Just popped over to Weathertech’s website and the cargo liner for the 4xe models is finally available.
  5. How to sale my 4xe Rubicon to get maximum price?

    Because I’m nosy, after reading the initial post, I went out to Vroom to see what the offer on my 4xe would be and It came back at $62910, more than I paid for it. I got a really good deal and I love her so I won’t be selling.
  6. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    No, that’s “BASE.” One more time for that person in the back with the hearing aids turned down. “STOCK IS FROM THE FACTORY.”
  7. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    And clearly, you didn’t read what the post said…it said stock, no lift or big tires. They didn’t say bone stock from the factory and yes, I did factory order my vehicle and it’s still stock, meaning as it arrived from the factory (NO AFTERMARKET PARTS)…stop being a hater. Pretty sure every...
  8. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    Stock 2021 Rubicon 4xe: …but there’s a Jeep crate sitting in the garage.
  9. Gorilla glass my a$$! Cracked after just 2 months

    Wow! Sorry that happened to you. Gorilla Glass wasn’t available when I ordered my 4xe back in April. My tint and PPF shop added Stek Dynoshield to the original factory windshield shortly after I took delivery. So far, it is holding up well.
  10. What's the best thing you ordered on your Wrangler

    My absolute favorite option I ordered on my 2021 JLUR is the Sky-One Touch top. I was showing a picture of the vehicle to some of my co-workers in a Zoom meeting last week and they were all so impressed. They aren’t Jeep people so they didn’t know a power top option was available.
  11. (non) off-road shaming - why?

    Preaching facts! I‘m a big believer that people should mind their own business. They can offer up commentary on what I or others do with our Jeeps when they start making the payments. You are so spot on.
  12. When did your battery die?

    Had to replace the battery in my 2019 at the eight month marker, but I do live in AZ and the heat does a number on them here.
  13. Dang! No more Crystal Granite Metallic :-(

    Someone mentioned in a previous post something about there being a supply issue with metallic flake. I wonder if that has something to do with it. I’m really glad I ordered my granite 4xe when I did.
  14. No more affiliate pricing?

    The dealership is lying. Essentially what’s going on is some dealerships are opting out of honoring affiliate programs because of the current state of the automotive market. I purchased my Jeep from Peterson in Nampa, ID and they honored my Tread Lightly membership. So in short, the answer to...
  15. new windshield: dealer or Safelite?

    Honestly, I hate Safellite and use Penske. They replaced 3 windshields in my 2019 and each time it was replaced with OEM factory glass.
  16. 4xe Hood Decal: From Matte to Gloss

    Yes, they removed the windshield rests, hood latches, vents, and washers.
  17. 4xe Hood Decal: From Matte to Gloss

    Here are some additional shots of the PPF overlay of the original 4xe hood graphic. Sorry I do not have any before shots because the vehicle went straight from the dealership to PPF, tint, and Ceramic Pro. I ordered the satin black grille which also has PPF, only I opted to have it wrapped in...