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  1. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    I am not familiar with that fire extinguisher, but the brackets on the side have slots and holes for mounting various gear. There's also an option for an additional high shelf just below the rollbar to mount jacks, axes, etc. I didn't get that option, so I can't comment, but it looks interesting.
  2. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    Just put this in my Rubicon. Adjustable and build quality is top notch.
  3. Help on custom spare tire mountain bike carrier?

    I am looking for some help with the problem of trying to carry a full-suspension mountain bike on my Wrangler. On my JK, Saris had a fantastic double clamp rack that mounted to the spare tire carrier of the Jeep. Fit any bike. Didn't block access to the rear gate. No other levers or pins to...