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  1. Show your trailer you use with your Jeep

    Progress on stake sides is going forward.......
  2. Bull bar vs. No Bull bar?

    I like mine... very reasonable height. Worked perfect for the 22" light bar
  3. Tell me about your first Jeep.

    bought my 1995 YJ used for our cottage. 2.5L 5 speed it was a family favorite for about 15 years....restored it over time and sold it to get a 2020JL 2.0 automatic Sport S we currently have at the cottage. Usually the vehicle of choice when anyone is up there.......
  4. Battery Disconnect for Winch?

    Marine power disconnect rated for 400 amps.. Warn evo 8000 winch. .It allows peace of mind about power isolation until I need the winch or get a contacter failure. I leave the hood unlatched when I use the winch and just have to raise it to do a disconnect.
  5. 2dr MPG - different from 4dr?

    We have 2020 2dr Sport S with 2.0L and automatic. First trip was about 300 miles and it averaged 29.6mpg. Only one person and a very light load....We were thrilled with the performance and mileage.....
  6. Mounting Aux Lights on Steel Bumper

    I went with the 24" horizontal LED on the bull bar that came with my Paramount winch bumper. It works great.
  7. Towing stuff with your 2dr (pics?)

    picked this up last spring to use behind my 2dr at the cottage. building stake sides to mount pioneer tool setup this winter
  8. Winch disconnect switch location?

    put a manual disconnect in... used a marine grade power disconnect
  9. Winch mounting on top vs inside bumper

    Had it on top on my YJ... I like it much better inside on my JL
  10. Show your trailer you use with your Jeep

    update.....added front tongue tool box... going to fabricate stake sides over the winter and mount my pioneer tool set for next summer.
  11. Do we have to run premium?

    Nice job on the explanation++++++more people should read this>>>>>>>>>>>
  12. YJ Headlights

    I am sure they wanted the YJ to be different when it was rolled out.....It got alot of grief from the purists... I also suspect that since all their cars and trucks were going with the square light s it allowed them to standardize parts across the fleet. I loved my 95 yj and just got rid of it...
  13. What do you store in your JL rear under floor cargo bin?

    Tow strap, D rings, folding army shovel, Winch gear, and tree anchor strap... pretty much fills it up
  14. Show your custom Jeep name decals

    version two of the design we had on our original 95 YJ the jeep stays at the cottage for families use when they are up there....
  15. It’s true: the drain plug has been removed from the front diff on Rubicon

    Drain plug will facilitate a on trail fluid exchange if you get water contamination while wheeling. Drain and refresh is minutes with the drain plug. Considerably more time for differential cover removal and replacement... even with reusable gasket.. I would rather have the drain 2 cents
  16. What are your other rides?

    2014 f150 super crew 2011GT500 convertible 1965 Mustang convertible
  17. Boring thread but which company for all weather mats?

    I am a weather tech guy... they fit great in my 2020JL
  18. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    the original is always a winner
  19. Did you name (brand, custom plate,...) your jeep before or after it arrived?

    2020 Replaced the original 95yj Grand Lake Special.... good things should go on....:):):)
  20. Unhappy with MPG - looking for ideas

    air filter... air filter....just put a new one in and try it ....I had a squirrel pack a bunch of grass and nuts in my trucks air filter and mileage tanked.. went back to normal as soon as I cleaned it out and put a new filter in place.. cheapest thing to baseline first