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  1. Cage inside soft top - anyone know, anyone done it? I'm doing it.

    Not that it matters particularly, but the premium soft top come in both clear or tinted windows.
  2. Aftermarket fender flares recommendations?

    Also looking at the Barricades. Any reviews out there?
  3. Trim Covers

    I just did this instead of working directly on the factory dash - thought I'd share. The trim kit I got was red, but I sanded and painted with Krylon ColorMaxx Gloss Navy Blue, then a few costs of Clear. Before: After: The color saturation is a bit off on the camera. The blue is a dark...
  4. Home made shift knob for manual transmission

    LOVE my new knobs - thank you Kevin! Go Navy!
  5. Amorlite Floor Liner

    I have it on order. Doesn't ship for a while yet
  6. Cool switch product Thought this community would dig these - you can customize switches to look like Apollo mission style hardware Cheers - Nick
  7. Rearview Dash Cam w/ adaptive cruise

    Hi all - before I blow some coin on this... Does anyone have a rearview mirror mounted dash cam that's being used in a JL with adaptive cruise control? The control box is so big I'm concerned the camera won't have a clear view out the front of the windshield. Any experiences are welcome! Nick
  8. Steel bumper bolt size

    Did you ever figure this out? Just pulled mine off and realized two were different. Want to put the bolts back in to preserve the threads. Thanks in advance!
  9. Pillar Lights and carwash?

    I'm running KC Hilites, but honestly no quality brand is gonna struggle with touchless carwashes.
  10. Pillar Lights and carwash?

    It's not an issue.
  11. Killer soft top tabs

    Oh interesting, take the bar and the tabs on one motion? I'll try that. Thanks
  12. Rain Gear Trail Cover (JLUR)

    I've got the "half" coming, but hasn't arrived yet. I'll let you know right away as soon as it shows up. You and I are in the exact same use case (minus the cat lol), so feel free to use me as a guinea pig.
  13. Rain Gear Trail Cover (JLUR)

    Yeah, I get the frustration. For whatever it's worth, thank you for raising your question because it prompted me to buy one, but I went with the "half" as a result of your experience. Cheers!
  14. Rain Gear Trail Cover (JLUR)

    Yeah, see this is from their website: "This is the style of cover you would want if you ride without a hard or soft top on your jeep. The cover will go up your windshield, across the top of your jeep and then follow your bars at an angle to the body while also covering your windows and door area...
  15. Rain Gear Trail Cover (JLUR)

    I'm guessing here, but I suspect it's designed to go that far down with the soft top completely removed. The big wad with it folded down is eating up a few inches. I think they presume if you have the top installed you don't need the cover. Please understand I'm on your side here - my use case...
  16. Rear interior lighting options for JLU with softop?

    I eventually got a few magnetic lights from Lowe's. They stick to the roll bar, and if I'm camping or tailgating I can stick them in the bumper.
  17. Comfortable camping

    I've got a soft top so I'm resisting the roof rack solution for as long as I can. I'm thinking I can put the squirts in a ground tent, and then I'll rack out in the jeep. My back's not super awesome as I get older. Thanks for the recommendation!
  18. Comfortable camping

    This is very cool - tempted to go this route. I do wonder though, where do you pack all the other "stuff"? Do you basically pack on top of the bedding, then pull everything out at the site? Not trying to be too obvious, I'm just thinking through the logistics of car seats for my kids and all...
  19. Killer soft top tabs

    Huh, thanks - honestly, that had not even occurred to me.