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  1. Dealer Mode with Upgraded 8.4 Uconnect

    Hello! Does anyone know if I can enter dealer mode if I have an upgraded Uconnect 8.4, however, I still have the original temperature dials with my stock 2018? I originally had the 5 inch stereo. Thank you, Steve
  2. Jeep JL Uconnect 8.4 upgrade help!

    It fixes itself after a few start and stops of the engine. All is good now.
  3. Jeep JL Uconnect 8.4 upgrade help!

    I hope someone can help me. I purchased a Uconnect 8.4 to upgrade from my 5 inch. I hooked it up today and everything works accept the Sirius XM (sxm) button is not on my screen under the FM button. I cannot locate it or how to enable it. Also, when I place my car in reverse nothing happens on...
  4. 8.4 UConnect with Navigation $950 SOLD

    This is Steve, we have been communicating. I sent you a PM.
  5. Soundbar Subwoofers amp or no amp

    Hello, In a 2018 Unlimited Sport S with the base model (non Alpine) radio system, how are the overhead two subwoofers powered in the soundbar? Is there an amp or is it coming straight from the radio? Thanks! Steve
  6. Soft Top Hardware Question. Did the Dealership Mess Up?

    Does anyone know if all of the hardware that is used for a premium twill soft top (hardware attached to the top and to the Jeep) is the same as all of the hardware used for a standard soft top? I am asking because I upgraded my standard soft top on my JLU to the premium twill top. The dealership...
  7. Premium soft top vs standard soft top

    Question for people who have experience with the premium soft top on a JL. Can anyone give me their opinion on how much better the quality is and also wind noise using the premium soft top vs the standard soft top? Hoping maybe some people have some experience with both on the JL. Thanks! Steve
  8. Help Identify These Parts.

    Thank you, but is it needed to install the bumper or is it for a winch or something else? Only asking because it came with light brackets that I don't need for installation so I'm not sure where these bolts go with the long wire to help guide it.
  9. Help Identify These Parts.

    The brackets are for lights. I still need to find out what the long thing is attached to the bolt for.
  10. Help Identify These Parts.

    Hope someone can help me. I purchased a Smittybilt XRC Gen 1 front bumper for my Jeep JL. Smittybilt makes the Gen 1 and Gen 2 for the JL. The Gen 1 was such a great price I went for it. There are no installation instructions and I cannot locate any on the internet. I get 99% of what to do...
  11. Will an "OR FAB" JK bumper fit on a JL?

    Hello, Does anyone know if a JK "OR Fab" bumper will fit a JL? I have read that some people have used a JK bumper on a JL. Are there any modifications I would have to do? It is a full-width center mount winch bumper. Thanks! Steve