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  1. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Video's - Rubicon 5.13

    This is why I advocate for Dana parts in Dana axles. Your kit looks mis-packaged. Definitely need a new pinion nut. I'd call and get them to fix it.
  2. Neutral light in 4H

    There are two position sensors. One at the base of the selector and one on the transfer case itself. One of these needs to be replaced. I'd take it in and have the dealer look at it.
  3. 2021 JLU / EVO Bolt on coil over setup

    Is the vehicle on the ground in this picture? The pinion angle looks off. I'd get it aligned and that should fix your issue. I have their long arm kit going on mine here soon with the same coilover set-up.
  4. North Carolina Roll Call

    It's no problem at all, man. The mounts aren't a big deal. If you have a 240 plug, I can load up the welder and bring it over and weld them on for you when that time comes.
  5. North Carolina Roll Call

    Exactly. lol. Never seen this sign with the last one, but I love it.
  6. North Carolina Roll Call

    I’m absolutely serious, but I don’t allow the help like that. I stopped doing that, for the most part, a long time ago. It’s a huge distraction and everything takes 2-3 times longer. I’ll do it for little things … maybe. I treat my work like I did when I had the shop running. Keeping the 5...
  7. North Carolina Roll Call

    You're welcome to drop that TJ off with a wad of cash and I can make that a reality. Once Uwharrie opens up, you'll be able to hit everything out there with your 392, no issue.
  8. North Carolina Roll Call

    What's everyone's plans for this year? As far as wheeling goes. Pain Train should be done enough to wheel by May/June. Hopefully have it done for 2-3 test runs at Uwharrie. My target is the Ozarks Jamboree. I'll move West to Ouray from there and North to Holy Cross (camp there again, which...
  9. North Carolina Roll Call

    That’s the name of the game in any market. Haha.
  10. North Carolina Roll Call

    The more you get to know me, the more you'll understand. Lol. Some of these are just to take advantage of the market and make money. I had a 2020 Trackhawk a couple years ago that I owned for 6 days and made roughly $8k. This last Trackhawk cleared $21K, the 392 I had for 5 days and made...
  11. North Carolina Roll Call

    Been bald since 1999. Haha. 🤷🏻‍♂️ No input available.
  12. North Carolina Roll Call

    I’ve had a blue one on order since August at $9590 below sticker. Just a waiting game. They’re certainly gorgeous trucks.
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    One of the best sentences ever. Lol
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    392 ended up selling to a dealer in Greensboro yesterday morning. They came in an orange TRX to pick it up. I picked it up yesterday. It's the redeye version. Basically a 4 Door Demon. 2.7L Blower and all Demon internals.
  15. North Carolina Roll Call

    My daughters sister tested positive for Covid. I’ll have her through next Friday now. No burgers or anything this weekend. All Jeep work cancelled until next Friday.
  16. Need help with bolt size

    I just took mine out and measured it. Should be an 11x1.50.
  17. Need help with bolt size

    A pic would def help at this point.
  18. Need help with bolt size

    Should be an M12x1.50.
  19. North Carolina Roll Call

    Hmm... I like this. Back when I had the cop car, people really got out of the way, but I didn't have lights on top. I think this would do the trick, for sure.