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  1. Is JL initial build quality and reliability truly bad?

    I went a different route. Here’s my update. This winter I ordered a 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport, in Soul Red with a manual transmission. I’ve had it for five months now and it’s been wonderful. It was about $25,000 before taxes, with more equipment than a JL Sport. It was an easier loan to...
  2. Dust in cab voiding warranty repair?

    This in in stark contrast to companies like Mazda, who openly clarify that autocrossing a new Miata will NOT void the warranty. They’re aware that it’s a selling point of ye vehicle and stand behind it. Take a page from that book, Jeep.
  3. Highest Mileage Problem-Free JL?

    Just particularly curious. Anyone have high miles on a JL with zero dealer warranty trips? There’s gotta be some.
  4. Has anyone with a faulty Jeep been offered a buyback from FCA?

    I agree. Unfortunate. I really think it’s likely I’d have a 4th or 5th gen 4Runner in my drive if a manual transmission was offered.
  5. Considering Purchase of Jeep Pickup Truck but . . .

    That’s pretty insensitive to all the people that have wasted hours upon hours with their brand new JLs in the shop, or leaving them on the side of the road, or fighting FCA for warranty coverage or safe frame welds and steering. They’re people too. There’s more to life than sales figures. Like...
  6. Considering Purchase of Jeep Pickup Truck but . . .

    Agreed. Way too many people pull out their individual ownership anecdotes and act like that cancels out the statistics across hundreds of thousands of vehicles. If you get a good JL good for you. But don’t act like they aren’t causing problems for a great deal of owners.
  7. JL Wrangler **Base Model Club**

    An update from the OP. My Jeep arrived 1 August 2018 at the dealership. Only six weeks, quick turnaround time on ordering. I abandoned it, surrendering my deposit. Way too many problems surfaced with the platform and made me feel unwilling to trust such a vehicle with a long commute for...
  8. Considering Purchase of Jeep Pickup Truck but . . .

    I really hope a better company offers a real Wrangler competitor one day. One that works properly, with reliability more on-par with Toyota than Jaguar. Until that day comes, it has no competition, and is one of a kind. Would be nice to some if we got the new Suzuki Jimny.
  9. Has anyone with a faulty Jeep been offered a buyback from FCA?

    The current Toyota 4Runner remains the polar opposite of the JL when it comes to reliability, and is still a capable SUV built the old-school, tough, body on frame way. If you’re looking for suggestions.
  10. Found terrible welds on my frame horns

    It got bad enough that I abandoned my order when it came in. I did not want to risk a vehicle this plagued with problems. And now the Gladiator is about to arrive, presumably full of the same problems. The outcry will get louder with what will presumably be the least reliable truck on the road.
  11. My JLUR was hauled off on a flatbed today... 1890 miles

    Many Jeeps are pieces of shit. This one seems to fit that family. Looks like you’re only a couple days away from lemon. If it were me, I would. It’s a shame the engineering and manufacturing quality of the vehicle doesn’t match the amazing capability and styling. A vehicle with wasted potential.
  12. Auto Transmission blew at 750 miles!

    On a manual?? That’s just insane.
  13. JL welding Issues

    A one-word synopsis of FCA build quality, reliability, and longevity.
  14. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Hard to believe this is still going on. What an arrogant company. Best of luck to you all, for whatever that’s worth. May your wranglers get the tighter-than-something-that-would-be-tight steering they deserve one day. And hopefully no JL owners lose their life over this.
  15. Order Cancelled - Waiting Things Out

    I canceled my order as well. Some stuff changed in my life, and I rethought what I'm looking to get out of my garage. Wranglers are gorgeous, and unmistakably capable offroad when they're working properly, but I do need a bit more dependable of a primary vehicle at this point in my life. Won't...
  16. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    This is the best car forum I've ever been a part of. You're all upbeat adventurous people. The enjoyment I've had here is nearly worth the $500 deposit I'm about to roast.
  17. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    The wrangler I ordered is en-route to Salt Lake City Unfortunately, I have decided to go a different route. I will not be accepting delivery of the base-model blue beauty. Thought I'd let this great forum know.
  18. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    The July 1st increase seemed pretty greedy of them to me. They couldn't even wait until MY2019.... I have a June 15 order. I'm wondering if I'll be on the hook for the increase.
  19. July price increase: $500 for JLU and $450 for JL

    Good posting. That additional $500 July increase feels like a bit of a kick to the nuts. The destination fee is now hilarious! After ordering, and after the March 1st price increase (after the MY2018 big price jump), I said "if there's one more price increase, I'm out". We'll see if I eat my...