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  1. Rock Krawler vs. Clayton

    I only can give you my experience with Clayton 2.5 Overland. I have true 37" tires and been on some 7-9 trails in California. I set it up per the instructions and I only have rubbing on the rear inner liner, but all 37' rub there. No bottoming out, but I have a 1.25" spacers on my stock...

    Wth, I missed this, can I cancel my order and get the extra 5% discount with this group buy? Oracle fixed it for me! Thanks guys!!!
  3. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Just Ordered! Great looking tail lights. I have your Oculus headlights, any plans to do front fender lighting replacements?
  4. Sob Story - 21' JLUD Rubicon

    30 years without an accident, you must not have a wife and kids that drive. My repair shop is on retainer.
  5. Anyone running 37s on stock Rubicon wheels?

    I run 28psi generally, but if i'm making a long haul, I will bump it up to 32psi for better mpg and 8th speed on my stock gears. 37" yokohamas
  6. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    With the single arb compressor, it gives some time to pound down 2 more beers while filling up ;) If your the passenger of course.
  7. How to keep the neighborhood stray cats from sleeping in my doorless Jeep?

    I agree with mad dog, get a cage. Solved my squirrel problem. just took him to work and let him go.
  8. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    Yes, the pic in the first post was without spacers. And yes, had a little rubbing.
  9. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    Stock wheels, 37s and 1.25" spacers(In these pics). I've been using spacers for a long time. First started with my TJ Rubicon so I could run the stock wheels.
  10. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    Stock wheels, 37" and no spacers(In this pic)
  11. Running dual battery cable to rear storage cubby

    Through the firewall under the fuse box. Behind passenger kick panel, down the passenger base to the rear passenger wheel well cover to the rear compartment.
  12. Anyone running 37s on stock Rubicon wheels?

    Added the 1-1/4” spacers and all is well now :) Picked up a Badge of Honor with this set up. Gold Mountain in Big Bear.
  13. Ham radio instal

    JCR Overhead Molle, yes, drilled 2 holes in window frame to mount. I know you were just looking to mount the head unit, but you can mount all kinds of stuff on this thing and clear of the rear view mirror.
  14. Thoughts about winches

    Yup, I have a Superwinch but I bought the Harbor Freight 12k winch hook on that winch. :)
  15. Need help with correcting rear end sag

    Lol, I have the Clayton Overlander 2.5 kit and the rear sits higher than the front. I've been looking for more crap to put in the back to level it out. Their 3.5 Overlander springs might do the trick. Like in the comments above, make sure they work with your shocks.
  16. New wheels/tires for the Jeep I don't own yet (poll)

    "Keep your eyes open for Rubicon take-offs on the site, can be found in the $1200 range, sometimes less." What he said.
  17. California $25.00 2020 Rubicon Plastic Bumpers/Rock Rails

    Going in the Trash if no one wants these, $25 so I can get it washed this weekend.