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  1. Western Wrangler Package

    Well, there's an opportunity for Jeep. Revive the Laredo name. With all of this Yellowstone and Four 6s stuff getting so popular, now is the time to take advantage of the western heritage revival. They can do a fancy Laredo and a no nonsense Silverton. Note to Jeep, just do it without focus...
  2. Western Wrangler Package

    As far as Western packages. Why not a package named Silverton. Simple steel bumpers (think JK North edition), steel wheels, rubber/vinyl floor, d44s w/front and rear lockers, 3.73 gears, marine vinyl or sailcloth seats. A Jeep ready to explore mountain trails right off the lot with no extra...
  3. Western Wrangler Package

    Damn, makes me really miss my old Commando Green JK. Those wheels look great!
  4. Would Sahara wheels improve the street driveability of my Rubicon?

    If you have the Falken MTs, probably. The BFG KO2s ride pretty nice and are relatively quiet. Usually a 20” wheel with the lower profile tire will ride worse though. You would be better off finding some stock take off wheels, then putting an SL/XL rated tire on them like a Michelin Defender or...
  5. Western Wrangler Package

    Looks cool, but multi fit wheels are weak in the hub area and solid wheels don’t dissipate brake heat well. I actually like the OEM JL steel wheel and I’ll probably buy a set if I find some new take offs cheap. I also like the Cragar Soft 8, plus you can use the OEM steel wheel center cap with...

    The rear frame sections are completely different. Also, the JT license plate mounts in the center and would be mostly covered by the spare tire. I can’t imagine that it would be too difficult to fabricate a way to adapt it though. Edit, found this...
  7. Anyone ever watch this guy’s videos?

    I stumbled across this and thought it was pretty cool. Don’t know how many Tonkas I abused in my youth. Kinda cool to see them resurrected. I still have my Tonka CJ3B, BTW
  8. On the return leg home from an errand...

    The current state of affairs in the government will not allow for corporate bailouts. The current situation is actually a dream come true for the green fringe who want everyone out of privately owned motor vehicles, electric or not. Then that means that the roads will need less work and will...
  9. On the return leg home from an errand...

    There is plenty of inexpensive transportation out there. But these days, those people who should be buying cheap cars don't seem to want them. They will sign 7-8 year loans so they can have the popular model with the big screen. Then they will trash it in 2 years. The same cycle, over and over...
  10. Western Wrangler Package

    15” used to be desirable due to the wide selection of tires. Not so much anymore. 16 and 17 are the more desirable wheel sizes today. 15” wheels are nostalgia today. I agree on steel though. I think it makes for a far more durable, and in my opinion better looking wheel. Apparently the Land...
  11. Western Wrangler Package

    Not exactly unobtanium
  12. Western Wrangler Package

    Jeep used to have a package like that called Laredo. I don't see any reason why they couldn't bring it back. Kinda surprised that Jeep hasn't collaborated with Wrangler jeans for a package similar to the old Levis package from the 70s
  13. Black Rhino wheel Setup.

    No way on wheel spacers. As a matter of fact, I'd go +12 or +18 with those wheels.
  14. New 2022 Color “River Rock” Rumor

    The French are in and the Italians are out. The color choice reflects that.
  15. New 2022 Color “River Rock” Rumor

    Looks a lot like Rhino, which was a great color. River rocks around here are the color of Potatoes.
  16. eTorque on Willys

    Yes, but the better question is what’s available to him in St. Somewhere. If he’s in the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, it can probably be equipped to US specs. Anywhere else in the Caribbean, the Jeep is going to be considered an import and subject to each jurisdiction’s rules and laws...

    How will they know which brand of oil is in it should a warranty issue arise? As long as it's within weight specs, there's no way they could tell with a UOA.
  18. Mopar 2” lift or ReddyLift?

    I know. It's just that I'm not going to be much help. I'm absolutely against "poke" and no/extremely cut fenders. I got passed by a guy in a JK years ago with bobbed fenders and lot's of "poke" (damn stupid term) that just showered me with rocks. Thought for sure my windshield was broken. Down...
  19. Mopar 2” lift or ReddyLift?

    Damn, 20" wheels, "poke". I'm out of this thread.
  20. Mopar 2” lift or ReddyLift?

    The ReadyLift will get you 2 actual inches, the Mopar lift will get you 2.5-3.5” depending on application. What model and configuration of Jeep are you planning on getting?