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  1. "It's a Jeep thing" Tolerance

    Not the smartest thing to buy a JL at this stage. Jeep/FCA screw up with the JL and buyers at this point are guinea-pigs. Get JK if you need a Wrangler or wait until the recalls slow down to like 1 a year from the 1 a week rate it's going at now.
  2. JL I want to buy has been recalled.

    Take a random sample of people from world's population and ask who will say it's a good idea to buy a Jeep at all let alone one that hasn't been tested enough by a company like FCA no less. Are you both saying there's a chance of even 50% saying "I think it's fine"? :cwl:
  3. Issues compilation (with references)

    Multiple people have reported paint issues:
  4. JL I want to buy has been recalled.

    So let's talk logic here... are you saying there are no JL owners who are experiencing the emperor's new clothes syndrome or the giddy juice effect?
  5. JL I want to buy has been recalled.

    Great for now but not all issues are discoverable by the end user and not all recalls/issues have been identified/admitted by Jeep. There's a new recall almost every week... better not count your money cos the deal ain't done yet.
  6. JL I want to buy has been recalled.

    Either way you'll have to wait until these issues are figured out by the clueless Jeep/FCA people. Until then, your money is better in your pocket than in theirs. Or get a JK... the JL was massively overhyped because of the 11 year life cycle of the JK but it doesn't really deliver as everyone...
  7. Post your positive uplifting new ownership experiences

    You're right. New jeep owners should be ecstatic about their Jeep still being under warranty ;)
  8. Is this something to worry about?

    No. We were forgiving of Jeeps when they were not commonly usable as everyday vehicles. These new Jeeps (JK and JL) aren't like that. Do you think if the OP wants to resell the vehicle the buyer will pay more for off-road cred?
  9. Is this something to worry about?

    Poor quality control by FCA. I promised myself that I'd only buy a floor model or even a mild demonstrator so I can see and feel what I'm getting. Let the dealerships put their capital down to bring them in. Go to a different dealership if they're not any good. Speak to JeepCares also.
  10. A Guide to Hating New Jeeps: How to Establish Your Jeep as the Last Great Jeep (JK Owners Edition)

    Have no fear... the JL's hard top is weak and cracks easily and the new soft top leaks. (see official recalls/bulletins and user reports). You'll be welcomed by the drafty leaky ratty top TJ driving community in no time :cwl:
  11. Sky One-Touch Power Soft Top Jeep JL's!

    Not to rain more on your parade but can it be manually operated in the case you open it and the motor fails, like you can with the MyTop auto tops?
  12. O2 Sensor reset

    That's just an intake temperature sensor. The pentastar doesn't have a MAF, it has an intake temperature sensor and a MAP sensor from which it calculates air density. Im sure it's fine or your engine wouldn't work well, let alone start properly/at all.
  13. ProCharger Supercharger system for JL Wrangler (Now Shipping)

    That basically confirms what the other person also said about centrifugals needing high rpms. Also, manufacturers have gone with 8, 9 and 10 speed transmissions to keep the rpms low to keep things smooth and economical. Does the tune change the shift points or something so it revs much higher...
  14. Third JL production shift may be added because of record sales

    Did I say there are complete alternatives to the Jeep out there right now or were you having a reading difficulty? :) What I said is that it's not difficult for someone to checkmate the Wrangler if they wanted. Suzuki Jimny Mahindra Roxor Not saying they're as "cool" but they are there...
  15. The JL Wrangler in Australia

    One more for the Pentastar 3.6. I don't trust small turbo engines. Here's why:
  16. Third JL production shift may be added because of record sales

    No they (the people) are just incompetent. The machines don't have opinions or unions to screw up like that.
  17. Third JL production shift may be added because of record sales

    Good point. And most parts of the world don't even mean Jeep when they say "jeep".
  18. Third JL production shift may be added because of record sales

    Wait until Land Rover comes up with the new Defender and later add a SVR model with a supercharged V8. Everyone thinks that Defender's no match but you see a lot more of them than Wranglers in other parts of the world. Also not everyone lives next to the Rubicon and rock crawl every day to work...
  19. Third JL production shift may be added because of record sales

    Quantity over quality. Where's the discussion of QC issues and how they plan to avoid them? They're trying to mask the almost weekly recalls by saying customers want more. Neither is an answer to the real problem and it's a classic response of diversion used by sinking companies and political...
  20. So wranglers don't really lose (much) value when used? Does bone stock keep its value best?

    My 2014 JKU also has the same number of airbags as the JL, factory reversing camera, stronger/steel doors and body than the JL but weighs the same, leather seats, premium twill softtop that hasn't leaked since the day I bought it and it's not the crappy JL slide on slide off design that's super...