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  1. Jeep vs not a Jeep

    Now that is the ugliest Jeep I have ever seen.
  2. No more red rubi dash?

    I have a Firecraker red and I love the red dash and red sticking in the seats and steering wheel.
  3. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    I have the new diesel and have owned it almost a year. I love it and it's power and mileage.
  4. Did a little thing today, 2021 Rubicon :)

    I have the red fenders and black roof in a 2021 diesel. Bought it a year ago. I LOVE IT. Get LOTS of comments on the color.
  5. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    A Lexus VS: a Jeep...easy decision. But I never buy anything the first year it is marketed. I've talked with a few guys who have the 392 and love it. I like having something's a conversation piece. That's why I bought the 2021 diesel in October 2020.
  6. Potential New owner question on Wrangler highway ability.

    We have a 2021 4 door Rubicon Diesel. We pull an trailer with a RZR and it has plenty of power. Last trip from Phoenix to Colorado and back and doing lots of off roading with the trailer we averaged about 22 miles per gallon. I love the open roof but in Phoenix we were concerned about to much...
  7. Did a little thing today, 2021 Rubicon :)

    Mine was one of the first on the market. Bought it last October (2020). Looks like yours except for the black top. Fully loaded and I bought the diesel. Still loving it.
  8. How did you decide on your engine?

    I traded my 6 for a diesel and love it!
  9. Help! I am thinking of selling my customized 2021 JLU so I can buy the 392. Where do I sell it for profit?

    Don't ever buy a vehicle the first year it comes out. Wait till next year.