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  1. Year and Mileage of Your Jeep

    I chickened out and paid $700 for a professional to change them after 122K. I feel so dirty. Tell me how i got ripped off so i can feel worse. 😛
  2. Electrohydrualic Power Steering Calibration Notice

    Got same notice for my 2018. Oddly, there was a TSB back in 2018 for the same issue. I had the symptoms described and it was a little scary as the Jeep would fight for control of steering wheel. Only at low temps, below about 40F. No problem since TSB was performed. I am debating whether to let...
  3. JLU 2018 3.6L engine Issue

    Help me out - what is this we're looking at?
  4. Getting a message to "press clutch" and start button on a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JL with automatic transmission

    Probably not Tazer related. I've had that same message pop up occasionally, but it goes away. Found it kinda funny. Mine is also a 2018.
  5. I love this engine.

    Love it myself...
  6. First Dealer Service visit is today.

    Btw, you can cycle through the dash messages if you want more info on why ESS is not ready.
  7. 2021 Jeep JL Clutch Pressure Plate Failure

    So much anger in this one. If your notice is the same one i received today, it's for a totally different sotware update.
  8. Year and Mileage of Your Jeep

    I have not. I've been working up the courage to do that job.😛
  9. Year and Mileage of Your Jeep

    2018 JLUR 120,000 miles. Zero commute miles. On 3rd set of KO2s. Pretty much stock save a few cosmetics. All fun, trips around 5 western states. All 87 octane or lower.
  10. Do side view mirrors fold in?

    Yes, seems there's a "not" missing between "should be"
  11. Will Jeep offer chrome grilles and accents?

    Me thinks someone is trolling out of boredom
  12. How to reset TPMS Symbol lit on dash board

    Reset with a Tazer or? Setting to 36(psi) equates to 2.5 bar, so it seems the lights should stay in.
  13. How to reset TPMS Symbol lit on dash board

    The information was bad because it wasnt for a 2020 jeep wrangler. Just because you google with "2020 jeep wrangler" in there doesn't mean google will return a relevant search ( though most times it does). The article was dated 2019. It was probably for an entirely different vehicle. Edit: ok i...
  14. Quality Locking Hood Latch

    Is there no way to move the front camera down a few inches to make both work?
  15. Movement while starting in Park?

    This doesn't sound normal at all.
  16. Driving on Venus

    It's really amazing what these Jeeps are capable of.
  17. Is the Sway Bar disconnect option standard?

    Part of the Rubicon package
  18. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara fixable or Total loss???

    I suggest OP uses some insurance money to buy a few periods. Being coherent and understood is worth it.