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  1. Alabama Mopar LED Headlights $675

    Sorry they are now sold
  2. Alabama Sold: Mopar LED Headlights $675

    I bought these headlights from another member here in February and they’ve remained in the 2 boxes they were shipped in (1 for each light) since delivered. We just traded in our 2019 for a 2021 that has LED, so I no longer need these. I’m happy to take photos but since they are still packaged...
  3. Florida MOPAR LED Headlights - $550

    DM sent, thanks!
  4. Yakima Backswing

    Hadn’t thought of it either. Probably passenger’s side as well to offer full access from the driver’s side.
  5. Yakima Backswing

    Looks like the Kuat Pivot V2 will be the answer once it becomes available. Thanks for the replies
  6. Yakima Backswing

    I’ve searched and seen pictures that weren’t conclusive. Looking at a Yakima Backswing...anyone know if when the Backswing is installed, without a bike rack installed, will the rear gate open without having the open the Backswing first? Thanks
  7. Alien Sunshade 2-Piece Front + Rear Combo

    Ordered front and rear in black via Amazon....looking forward to it!
  8. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Has anyone installed a joist system on engineered beams/trusses? A ceiling hoist is clearly the most logical but I'm concerned as my entire garage has engineered trusses and I'm not comfortable drilling into them to hang and store the hardtop. The ceiling is drywalled as well. Thoughts?
  9. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello everyone....first Jeep owner. Picked up the new grocery getter on Saturday. My wife told me today, "it already needs to be washed." ;)