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  1. sirius xm

    Hi Deanne, I recently renewed mine after the 1 year free term was up. I'd start at the dealership & you can always call SiriusXM directly at: 1–844–796-4827. See if you qualify for the free year - you should & it includes the XM Guardian feature (roadside assistance, automatic SOS & vehicle...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Like it! What size wreath is that?
  3. insulated headliners for hardtop: worth it?

    I added the Hot Head headliner. Haven't noticed much difference in cabin noise but really like the finished look. Seems to make the Alpine stereo sound better too. I also used the headliners to add travel patches - get lots of comments from guests in the Jeep. For heat comparison:
  4. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    No, good question. Most patches require sewing or ironing to stick to some fabric. The Hot Heads headliner (assume Mopar is the same) is essentially a soft fabric so I bought sticky velcro tape, cut them to size & attached to the back of the patches. You only need the 'hook' portion as the...
  5. Made a day of Detailing

    Check out Pan's 15 min video. There is an optional protective idea at the 10 min mark:
  6. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Not exactly decals or stickers but added these patches to the headliner. Always get comments from guests & adds nice color in the Jeep.
  7. Made a day of Detailing

    Engine bay looks super. Great tips, thanks for sharing!
  8. Trail Suggestions For NC?

    Can you provide a Map pin? Looking for a fall color drive this weekend or next, thanks
  9. For owners ... how is the awd??

    I have a JLUS with 4H AUTO and a BMW with AWD. Definitely different systems. For what it's worth, I've driven the Jeep in 4H AUTO during heavy rain and snow/ice and thought it performed great, never any issues or dangerous handling.
  10. Trail Suggestions For NC?

    From Gaia GPS app: We entered the Pisgah Nat'l Forest off Hwy 64:
  11. Trail Suggestions For NC?

    For a nice drive on mostly graveled forest roads, we've driven this route before. It's about 45 min SW of Asheville in the western NC mountains with a nice lake (Lake Powhatan )at the northern end of leg. This will NOT be challenging but should be beautiful with the fall colors. See the orange...
  12. Dual Top group — what is your experience??

    Love the dual top option, no regrets. Great fun & it's almost like getting a new Jeep every 6 months. It'll take time the first time you install & remove but you'll get faster. Invest in an electric ratchet if you don't already own one. Also, we splurged & bought the Top Lift Pro (use it a LOT...
  13. Best car wash

    A couple of years ago my wife went to a cross country meet for our kids & came home with something white splattered all along the drivers side of her car. No amount of washing would get it off & all I can think is that when she parked in the field, she drove across several white lines where...
  14. Replacement for Turtle Wax Ice?

    That's helpful, thanks. I wonder if this is the 'improved formula' repackaged. I'll bet it is. I actually ordered two bottles of ICE on Amazon last year & got one of the old formula & one of the 'improved'. It seemed the improved formula did a better job & lasted longer so hope that's the case.
  15. Replacement for Turtle Wax Ice?

    This was my question too...can anyone confirm this? Looks to me like it's still available? Love ICE, if it's going away, I'm buying a case today...
  16. Georgia Savannah - JLU Premium Soft Top

    Great price for the soft top - I don't need one but someone's gonna get a good deal.
  17. Need Day Trip Ideas for Greenville SC

    It's pretty easy. You'll go right over the top of the mountain. Lots of places to stop & eat lunch or sit by the water. Hope you get good weather & enjoy your stay in Greenville!
  18. Need Day Trip Ideas for Greenville SC

    Also, the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway is nice too - all paved & will be busier. Depends on what you're looking for.