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  1. New York Sold: Lange Hoist-a-cart for sale

    Hey all, selling my Lange Hoist-a-cart. Used it for 1 summer, no issues, and then I moved to a place with no garage. Pick up only in Staten Island. $250.00 Let me know if you are interested.
  2. Normal to need to turn wheel 360 - 540 degrees for a 90 degree turn?

    I just tested mine. If I'm making an extremely sharp turn, and I make an effort to turn as much as possible, I'll hit 270 degrees, or 3/4 of a turn. Get yours checked bud.
  3. ? for JEEP CARES. Dealer list for best customer service?

    So if you look for a dealer through Jeep's website, certain dealers have a "customer first" award. Can't tell you how they rate them, but it exists.
  4. Good Dealer Experience

    Oh, I'm for real. Can't blame the dealer for an FCA backorder. I was very impressed that they didn't throw their hands in the air and say they had to clue how to fix it. Also, keep in mind that until I left it there overnight, they never even heard the sound, as it warmed up by the time I...
  5. Good Dealer Experience

    So trying to make a long story short. I received my 2020 Sahara in September. As the weather was getting colder, the front left dash speaker began to crackle. Not too bad, but bad enough that I started keeping an eye on it. I went to Buhler & Bitter in Hazlet, NJ, even though I didn't...
  6. Aux Switch Decals/Labels - What would you want?

    I would buy this and immediately wire the switch to an airhorn. Then I'd wait for my mother-in-law to ask me what the button is for.
  7. Rotary knob just right of the headlight switch

    I swear, on my Sahara, the left dial is right dial dependant. Right dial all the way up, dome light on, interior (footwell) light maximum. Left dial does nothing. Right dial down 1 click, dome light off, interior lights maximum. Left dial does nothing. Right dial down 2 clicks, interior...
  8. Rotary knob just right of the headlight switch

    I don't believe this does anything if the right switch is turned all the way up. Try this, turn the right switch all the way up, then 1 click down, then another small click down. Now try the left switch while looking at your feet.
  9. 2020 JLU. 4WD operation.

    These are the type of comments that keep me coming back.
  10. Lemon Law Arbitration vs. Litigation

    Yep, quoting myself. I took a quick look in the Google machine, and it seems that this varies by state. So before you make any decisions, check if your State has binding arbitration, or the right to sue following arbitration. Best bet would be to go get a free legal consultation either way.
  11. Lemon Law Arbitration vs. Litigation

    @madscientist "Arbitration, on the other hand, is a negotiation with the purpose to gain agreement on how to satisfy your needs. You can always move forward to a trial if arbitration doesn't work. But you cannot go back to arbitration if you lose at trial." Are you sure about this? In my area...
  12. Got my tread lightly t-shirt but family threw away every thing else

    I forwarded my welcome email and the code to my dealer, and that was good enough. Ask your dealer?
  13. Sirius trial running out...

    Way to beat the system!!
  14. Soft Top Sunrider Position - can now leave in rear and side windows?

    Ok. Again with the not so subtle attack. "as an attorney" what I realize is that the bottom of the photo says "wherever your adventures may take you. ". My adventures take me on highways. As such, again, the argument exists and isn't frivolous. I will ask you for the last time before I am...
  15. Soft Top Sunrider Position - can now leave in rear and side windows?

    Again, this is only my opinion, but yes, I feel that would strengthen my argument. To clarify, as I think my points are getting lost in the back and forth... I doubt the catch all language will relieve anyone of all liability. I am not aware of any universal case law that states differently...
  16. Soft Top Sunrider Position - can now leave in rear and side windows?

    Insurance companies always withhold payout. They aren't in the business of paying out fair value. That's why you will almost always get a better result with an attorney. It is the threat of trial that gets things moving. That being said, and again, just an argument, but one I'd feel...
  17. XM Radio subscription discount?

    I called them to cancel my wife's radio. They asked what it was worth to me. I said it was worth nothing, but I guess I'd pay about 5 bucks a month, and no more. Next thing I know she said ok. Paid up front, of course. Auto renewal in a year, so I have it in my calendar to call and cancel next...
  18. Soft Top Sunrider Position - can now leave in rear and side windows?

    Hey, like I said, different states have different laws. I am definitely not calling anyone that told you these things a liar. I'd still love to read it though. From a purely litigation stand point, in a purely hypothetical situation where someone behind a Jeep somehow got seriously injured due...
  19. Soft Top Sunrider Position - can now leave in rear and side windows?

    Not sure why you took what I asked as an attack, it wasn't intended to be one. I've noticed that in every thread on this subject, you have stated that the current case law stands for the proposition that the user manual is the end all. I simply asked you where to find same... As I'm sure you...