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  1. Stock Wrangler vs Stock Bronco Offroading

    Need to follow up with a high speed run down a trail with some turns and rocks, I heard people do that...
  2. 2021 Rubicon XR mods and stuff

    In my office getting very jealous...
  3. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    XR installed without spacer, no BSM, so no issues. I have had 5 vehicles with BSM and turn it off on all. A big proponent of actually looking where you are going and dislike false alerts and feature bloat.
  4. Dealer put "Anything less than a 10 on the survey is failing" on my Invoice.. How about delivering service that warrants a 10?

    Dealership survey is an illusion of peril/control handed to the customer. "Your're unhappy, please don't hit me with this stick I will hand to you..." It's just a tool to keep you engaged. Apathy is the worst response, not a "1" score.
  5. Let's talk winches folks

    The front suspension is already challenged, winch has to wait for new suspension.
  6. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Not mine, the surface texture and coloration is consistent, no flash, joints clean and tight tolerances, lens surface very true. Only 2 minor sinks in grey frame when you look at with a critical eye on an oblique angle. In comparison the FCA plastic handle directly adjacent has off color from...
  7. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Just installed the Oracle flush tailights. Build quality is much higher than my OEM tailights which would twist and flex like tupperware. I have never done a mod that looks so utterly natural, like it has always been this way. The lunch box sized, OEM tumorous appearance looks so out of place...
  8. Brother sent me pics of my old Jeep from the 80s

    CJ7 with V8, headers and 3 speed. Lifted with Rancho add a spring making for total lock-out of suspension travel. It would beat us senseless on the highway. Tore rear seats out, replaced with bean bags, problem solved for passengers at least.
  9. Dashcam with Safety Group - where to mount?

    Just set up a Garmin Mini 2, it is tiny uses an app for setup and playback which I prefer over on camera screen and controls. Provided USB cable ran down inside of A pillar, behind glove box, inside center console, drilled one hole at rear of center storage above USB port. Loosened A-pillar...
  10. Let's talk winches folks

    In this rig Winch is inside of plate bumper, with relocated solenoid box. Long Rash guard on last winds in covers synthetic from Uv.
  11. Let's talk winches folks

    Where does the Yugo reference come from? I didn't realize any winches were being imported from the Czech Republic, or is this just more subjective brand identity... from thirty years ago
  12. Pass on the Gorilla Glass

    ] ... should of spent longer than 5 seconds on someone else's windshield :swear:
  13. Pass on the Gorilla Glass

    5 seconds on search returns :Mopar Replacement 68401325AA - Mopar Replacement Corning Gorilla Jeep JK Windshields" ships today: ... so...
  14. Feedback on my predicament...

    Gotta ask... Where in SoCal do you need seat heaters? On my other vehicles the only use was after a session on the slopes, which was great but wholly unnecessary and I was unable to de-option the heaters.
  15. Shottenkirk Prosper CDJR, Fraudsters and cheats!

    It sucks how they wasted your time, real lack of professionalism. I blame FCA for not taking care of customers and making the purchasing experience a respectful enterprise. FCA can crack the whip, they won't, neither does Ford.
  16. Pass on the Gorilla Glass

    My experiences with Safelite is that they always try to install third party glass, no manufacturer marks. I would insist on a oem with oem marks windshield, receive lots of horror stories, then get an reluctant agreement, followed by a non-oem windshield that I decline, OEM shows up on second...
  17. Shottenkirk Prosper CDJR, Fraudsters and cheats!

    An unfortunate truth about auto dealerships that has always been. Seller's market, no buyer's power. Only way to stick it to the dealers is buy a Tesla or other manufacturer direct. ... remember when you had to buy computers from dealers? then direct sales from Dell and then Apple... HBOmax...
  18. Jurassic Park

    Don't forget the ML320 in Jurassic Park II, a model known for it's off road prowess...
  19. Can anyone confirm if the all weather floor mats don’t leak during a water crossing?

    2021 update. Just picked up Mopar Matts, 2021 brings version "E" still no tight fit in floor, pops in then right back out. Added butyl rubber as others have done for a weather tight seal. Probably better off trimming out funnel and putting plug back in floor.
  20. Let's talk winches folks

    My 11 year old 12K Badlands still pulls like day one, no cover, no garage, just ran in the elements for 152K miles. Did I get lucky? Who knows, but I do know what my next winch will be and if it fails 1 year in I am still way ahead. I do trails, not labels.