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  1. Please recommend black matte 17” wheels for JL

    Pro comp Rockwell 17x8.5 0 offset. 285/70 ko2 stock height 80th anniversary
  2. How many miles on your custom order at delivery?

    16 miles. Seemed a tad high for a custom order but tank was full and I couldn’t find any signs of wear or abuse.
  3. Where are people buying tires and wheels?

    I had good luck with a 4 wheel parts wheel and tire package about 2 months ago. Everything was in stock and delivered within a week. May have been luck because I ordered the same thing with another big name retailer and got screwed around big time a week prior. I recommend calling and talking to...
  4. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    If it feels good do it. Get what you want. I ordered a 80th anniversary last year and felt the same way. Couldn’t be happier with my first wrangler.
  5. What's your favorite color that you didn't buy/order?

    Without a doubt my next one will be Hella Yella.

    New wheels and tires for my 80th anniversary last week. Loving it. Just what it needed.
  7. 17x8.5” zero offset wheels with 33’s stock height sport?

    Came today. 17x8.5” 0 offset ProComp Rockwell with 285/70/17 Ko2’s. It’s a good day.
  8. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    Wheels and tires came today. Switched it up a bit from my original order due to a parts shortage. Spare fits on fine just need to extend the bumpers. If anyone has a good solution please pass it along. Ended up with 17x8.5” ProComp Rockwell wheels with 0 offset and 285/70/17 Ko2’s. Quite pleased.
  9. 17x8.5” zero offset wheels with 33’s stock height sport?

    I have seen that write up. Thank you for that. I feel a rubicon suspension swap or teraflex level in my future. I’ve had my eyes peeled locally for some rubicon takeoff parts since I got my jeep but haven’t come up with anything yet.
  10. 17x8.5” zero offset wheels with 33’s stock height sport?

    I know you folks like to show off you setups. My new wheels and tires should be in any day now. 17x8.5 zero offset pro comp Rockwell with 285/70/17 ko2’s. Will post pics soon as they’re mounted up.
  11. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    Looks pretty good. Are those quadratec wheels 0 offset? Thanks for feedback. I stuck with 18’s but of course a week after I ordered I got a call they only have 4 rims. Still trying to sort it out with customer service on what I’m gonna do. I had my mind made up on a wheel choice. Dang it.
  12. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    For those of you that have upgraded 18”wheels/tires have you had to replace or modify your spare tire carrier? Waiting on some 275/70/18 Falkens on 0 offset wheels.
  13. 2.0 Turbo owners what octane are you using?

    Have used 87 since new and seeing just shy of 21mpg while suburban commuting. 21 JLU 80th 3k miles. No complaints. Put 17.5 gal of 93 in it today. See if there’s any noticeable difference with power/mileage after a couple tanks of “fast gas” as my 7 yr old son calls it.
  14. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    I’ve got a jtops sunshade and smittybuilt grab handles and it’s fine.
  15. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    Out for a topless cruise last night.
  16. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    I went with the Titanium
  17. 80TH ANNIVERSARY Edition JL Club Thread

    Sunny and 60ish degrees here in WNY this weekend. Had the top completely off for the first time and installed a JTOPS sunshade for my fair skinned better half and son. Very nice product. Took a quick cruise without it and the little guy was loving it.
  18. Opinions on Hartop Headliner?

    My sales guy was Bob Laskowski at Towne Jeep. Would deal with him again. Full disclosure, I do work for Towne but not at that location. I did not shop around on price. I ordered exactly what I wanted and couldn’t be happier.