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  1. REDARC Trailer brake controller

    I don't remember having to swap the blue and black wires. I think that's only needed if you buy one of the harnesses intended for a Ram. I think the 3073-P to Redarc is color to color. If in doubt, you could plug it in to the jeep side only and measure which wire goes hot when you brake.
  2. REDARC Trailer brake controller

    I made a mount from some plastic tube I found on amazon and attached it to the side of the console out of the way. I remember seeing a photo around here where someone mounted it right next to the 12V outlet, which I might try if I were doing it again.
  3. REDARC Trailer brake controller should have everything you need. When I installed my REDARC the pricing on the TPH-017 was crazy so I just spliced the brake controller wires into the 3073-P. If the prices are reasonable then it would be easier with both the TPH-017 and the 3073-P. If your JLUR came from the...
  4. 8.4" w/Pac Ampro

    Did you try the trick of switching to AM radio and back again when the sound goes off? That's been a persistent bug for me as long as I've had the JL. I have a PAC amp pro with JL Audio amps too but it's not related to that, it's just a bug in the 8.4 that happens occasionally. It used to happen...
  5. Using aux switch to turn off 7-pin aux?

    I had a similar problem so I added a separate charging cable for our camper using Anderson plugs and 8-gauge wire running off Aux-1. Our camper can draw over 30 amps when charging so the little wire in the 7-pin wasn't cutting it anyway. I also had to run 8-gauge on the trailer side up to the...
  6. JL - Trailer Brake Controller

    I used the Tekonsha 3073-P with the redarc controller and it works fine - no errors on the dash when you push the button. You do have to splice the wires but at least the colors match up between the two harnesses.
  7. 7-pin Voltage with Tow Package

    We recently got a camper so I just went through this with our 2019 3.6. In practice, the power actually available through the 7-pin of the factory tow package is pretty feeble. The wire gauge used on the jeep side of the 7-pin connector isn't anywhere near enough to pull 30 amps through and...
  8. No more iPod with Uconnect Update

    So far so good after the update. This is a 5th gen iPod (2005) with upgraded hard drive. Everything seems to still work and I can still browse the iPod. Even my offroad pages came back. I know how these things go so I'm not going to count my chickens until I've gone a few days without issues.
  9. No more iPod with Uconnect Update

    Well, as of this morning Uconnect is no longer giving me the option to not update. The entire screen is locked out and displaying a message saying the update is needed and there's only one button - to schedule the update. I can't access navigation or audio controls, and even the steering wheel...
  10. No more iPod with Uconnect Update

    You're not the only one using old-school iPods. Mine's been working fine plugged into the USB under the arm rest in the center console. I'm not going to update if there's a chance it's going to break that.
  11. Brake controller?

    Yes, I didn't have to swap any wires on my v2. If I'd have had more time, I would have ordered a TPH-017 as well for an easier install.
  12. Brake controller?

    No I didn't, but I think that would make it plug and play. I ended up just manually splicing the 3073-p to the Redarc harness.
  13. Brake controller?

    Check the model number when ordering. The new one is EBRH-ACCV3-NA and has a red stripe on the knob, the previous one is EBRH-ACCV2-NA with a white stripe. When I was looking, redarc was the only place I saw the V3 but I imagine it will appear everywhere else as stock gets moved through. I...
  14. Brake controller?

    There aren't many good mounting locations for the knob due to its depth behind the surface. I've seen a few mounted in the kick panel below the steering wheel. I wanted it somewhere out of the way that I could easily see and reach it. So I used some PVC bar from Amazon to make a small mount that...
  15. Brake controller?

    I bought the mopar brake controller and the Tekonsha 3073-P harness needed to install it. The install location is up under the dash on the left, actually right by where the controller plugs into the harness. If you can lie on your back under the dash on the driver's side to where you can see the...
  16. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    FYI it looks to me like the Metra instructions are misleading in Figure E on page 2. The diagram implies that you unclip the dash pad by pushing up on it, but actually you need to pull it towards you to release the clips. It was the scariest part of the dash disassembly for me because it feels...
  17. Stealthbox Expectations

    I doubt there would be a noticeable difference in sound quality going to the 4 ohm, but it would be a better match for the amp in my case.
  18. Stealthbox Expectations

    I kind of know what you mean. It sounds plenty load to me compared to the alpine sub, but not compared to the amount of vibration. The driver's seat shakes alarmingly when I turn up the volume. I feel like I have massage seats now. I'm running a single two ohm version off a VX1000/5i so it's...
  19. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Some info here, although the passenger side is much easier than described in the video. On the passenger side, just take the glove box out, take the screws out of the side and bottom of the dash, unscrew the speaker pod and it will rotate out of the glove box opening. The driver's side is a...
  20. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    The Infinity 3032cfx are $45 at Crutchfield until tomorrow. I didn't care for the way they sounded as drop-in replacements to the factory speakers but others seem to like them. I am quite impressed by the JL C2-350X...