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  1. Arizona WTB: 33" Tires (Used A/T or M/T)

    Looking to pick up a set (5) of 33" used tires (A/T or M/T). My current ones are about bald but plan on going 35's next year sometime so don't want to buy a brand new set. Bonus if you have JLUR takeoff wheels AND tires (so I can ditch my Sahara wheels). Looking in the Phoenix, AZ area in particular
  2. Arizona WTB JLUR Fender Flares (Bright White or Textured Black)

    In search of JLUR Fender Flares. Preferably painted (bright white) but will consider textured black options as well! Located in Arizona. If you are located elsewhere and are willing to ship, please let me know how much it is to zip code 85308.
  3. AAL highline lights - on sport fenders!

    Definitely saving this post! My Sahara has the one-piece trim and have been considering the AAL lights but wasn't sure how to do the process with cutting and making them fit!
  4. Best options for painting a bare metal bumper

    I am about to order a steel bumper from motobilt once they have their next sale (hopeful for a memorial day). For those who don't know, motobilt bumpers come as bare metal and need to be painted. I have been looking at options but hard to decide on which is best. The main three would be powder...
  5. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    I was a bit surprised myself as well seeing how most said I should get around an inch. Complete shot in the dark but maybe since I have a D44 rear on a Sahara I had slightly higher coils than a non D44 Sahara. I believe the tags are still on so I'll see if I can crawl under the jeep tomorrow and...
  6. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    I just wanted to give everyone an update. I did end up purchasing a rubicon suspension off of a hardtop and steel bumper JLUR. Recently got them installed and wanted to note 2 things. For one, I gained about a 1/2in in the front fender (36 1/2 to 37in) and about 1/2in the rear (36 3/4 to 37...
  7. Arizona Sahara Front Bumper w/ fog lights ($75)

    I have a Sahara front bumper going to be available at the end of May. Will sell sooner contingent on new bumper arrival. Included will be the front bumper, OEM halogen fog lights (with amber tint), front tow hooks, and plastic skid plate. The estimated mileage will be 25k. No damage or scrapes...
  8. Arizona Sold: WTS: OEM Sahara Running Boards

    Selling my OEM Sahara running boards. Upgraded to rubicon sliders so I have no use for them anymore. The passenger side is very very slightly bent but fits without issues. Perfect if you need a cheap step to hop in the jeep for those who have nothing. Hardware include. Will be cleaned prior to...
  9. Suspension swap myself?

    This would be the ideal option and would love to link up with a local jeep club. But surprisingly, given I am in Arizona and have trails galore, I haven't found many active clubs but still on the search.
  10. Suspension swap myself?

    I recently acquired rubicon coils and shocks to swap out my stock sahara parts. Most shops around me seem to be in the $500-600 range for install and alignment. Given the current times and trying to save some money, how hard is it realistically to do the swap myself? For background, I have never...
  11. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    I just read through it! Thank you! I'm still undecided on how I'm going to get them installed. If the shop I'm working with for my build will do it relatively cheap ill have them do it. If not, guess I may be in for a learning experience one of these weekends!
  12. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    Yeah, I found one that came off a hardtop and steel bumper.
  13. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    How was ride quality between Sahara and Rubi? Heard they are the same if not Rubi a bit better.
  14. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    I have fairly new 33s on right now, so not upgrading anytime soon!
  15. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    Thats awesome! Because im about to put a steel bumper and winch on! Thanks!
  16. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    Found 1k mileage for $100
  17. Using Rubicon Suspension on a lower model?

    Trying to get a variety of input here. Currently, I own a stock 19' Sahara. I am considering purchasing Rubicon coils and suspensions. In theory, I may gain about an inch of clearance and slightly better suited offroad performance. I have seen some from barely used to 20k used. I am about to buy...
  18. Arizona WTB JLUR Suspension

    How much are you looking for?
  19. Arizona $75 Rubicon take off suspension 2018 JLUR 3.6L

    Actually, I'm not particularly interested in the bumpers. I just have seen many recommend the suspension on steel bumper build as compared to plastic bumper build. How many miles were driven on the suspension before replaced?
  20. Arizona WTB JLUR Suspension

    Looking to buy JLUR suspension takeoffs (coils and shocks). Preferably off a rubicon that came with steel bumpers.