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  1. Question for those WITHOUT the LED Package

    I have the full width LOD Destroyer bumpers.
  2. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    Just so yinz don't think I'm a total lazy bones, I do keep my driveway clear on most days. I left the driveway half covered for only about a week. This week we had a decent amount fall and I spent two hours cleaning up. I also found time to do some snow wheeling. There are a few, short dead...
  3. Auxiliary/Pod lights

    I chose Rigid IndD D-XlPro Dot/Sae J583 Fog Light Set & D-SRS SAE FOG SELECTIVE YLW pods. I put the larger ones on the front and the others on my a-pillars. It gets very foggy here and I've also encountered thick fog on long road trips. Last year I had to drive overnight to help family in...
  4. Merry Christmas! (Christmas Pic of my 1st Wrangler 1990)

    I didn't spend a lot of money on "nice" clothes. My cash went into fishing and camping. No kids and my girlfriend was out of the country for the year. I literally just ran around camping with friends all the time. I loved the Allegheny National Forest. Y could drive in and camp just about...
  5. Merry Christmas! (Christmas Pic of my 1st Wrangler 1990)

    Here's an old pic from this time of year. This is most likely 1990. I'm all "dressed up" for Christmas. Usually I look like I'm going camping. At that time I usually was. Is just graduated art school and had an actual career related job. I worked for a small set fabrication studio in...
  6. Help me not get ripped off please! Regearing advice needed!!

    Cool beans. I'm in Mount Horeb, not far from you. I'm guessing you're talking about J&L in Madison? I've used them for helping with swapping out my suspension. I'm planning on regearing in about a year or so. Haven you gotten a price from LeVoy's Nut & Bolt? They're at 10379 County Hwy Y...
  7. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    I recently picked up a pair of the Crutchfields during their half off sale. Today I finally made time to install them. I work in an unheated garage and the impending -50°F wind-chills being predicted for this later week spurred me on. The blinding white light from the snow outside, contrasting...
  8. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    Yinz are all making me jealous. All I have is this big shovel. We do have an electric snow blower but dealing with the cord is a pain. I actually don't mind using the shovel. It keeps me out of trouble...
  9. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    Cool beans! I didn't expect this to turn into some interesting winter pics! I guess I'll share a few I've taken this week, after our first snowfall of the season. I rarely leave the house unless it's to go to the store, take care of family emergencies, or just to get out for a spin around the...
  10. Defrost Turning On By Itself

    I've been meaning to come back to this thread. Life is really intense these days, so things like this haven't been really a priority. THAT SAID, this issue drives me nuts. It only happens once outdoor temperatures fall into the 30's (F) or below. It happens every time I turn the vehicle on. I...
  11. Clock losing time

    I honestly don't get it? Why does it loose minutes/month? How does that work? I don't own any other device that looses DIGITAL time!
  12. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    Our village has a sidewalks must be cleared ordinance as well. They really don't enforce it much. I shovel our front sidewalks and sometimes my elderly neighbor if he doesn't get to his first. There's a house on my side of the street that NEVER shovels but I don't bitch. It just means folks walk...
  13. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    It's a heavy snow. The ground was warm at first so there is a layer of frozen ice at the bottom. When it gets back into the 30's I'll do my side. Until then I'll just be thankful I have 4w low... 🙄🤪
  14. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    I've now written at least four replies. Dirty jokes, comments about her driving, etc... Yeah. Delete. All I can say is I did not dent her car. 😶
  15. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    I'm lazy and just put on new tires. My wife's Prius rarely leaves the garage. I still clear her side just in case she has to go anywhere.
  16. Trailer overlanding

    I got lucky a number of years ago and found a M416. I'd wanted one since my first Jeep back in the late 80's. The only ones I could find wanted a thousand dollars or more for trailers that where usually rust buckets. I live close to Wisconsin Surplus and had a feeling of find one through them...
  17. Intech Explore Flyer

    I'm considering this trailer for our use. Anybody have any experience with the flyer explore?
  18. Tail light guards

    Has anyone tried out these flush mount housings by Next Venture?
  19. Rugged Ridge fenders and liners

    Aren't those for JKs?
  20. Found Treasure!

    Sounds like you should set up a market on various car/home project forums. I'm always seeing comments about folks having a hard time finding them You'll be rich I tell ya!!