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  1. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    1st is stock, 2nd is with Mopar2” lift and 35s. Started with same thinking as you. At month 18 of ownership I lifted it.
  2. Would you Jeep with no a/c?!

    Who likes to sweat? Not me! Doors off, top off…..I may still blast it in full and point the vents at me…. In addition, I bet the window defrost won’t work as well…. Also great for getting the humidity out of the air on rainy days.
  3. Soft top or hard top?

    Premium soft top is my jam! Flips back in 15secs. Quiet enough for me to chitchat with a passenger at 75mph with top on full doors on.. Also scooped up BestopPremium Softdoors for more convenient doorless driving. They are not so quiet beyond 45mph.
  4. Oil Catch Can and Blow-by

    I have the Mishimoto. Happy with clean install. Very satisfied with purchase ever time I drain it.~5k miles. Nasty stuff in there. This is what settled at the bottom after a recent drain
  5. First Extreme Recon Edition Package Jeep JL Rubicon I’ve seen! - Added suspension + more pics

    Question for any owners of the recon…. What is the factory psi recommendation on the door jam for the 35s?

    I can do that assuming the shipping isn’t to expensive.

    2018-2021 JEEP WRANGLER JL OVERSIZE SPARE CARRIER MOUNTING BRACKET KIT MOPAR OEM - MOPAR (82215355AB) New in box. I bought it off a guy from the JL Forum and ended up not needing it. I paid $200. Looking to get the same. Local pickup. Doylestown, PA.
  8. Does insurance take care of the cost of repairs or replacement of windshields?

    Agree with above responses. I had mine replaced for free, by insurance. Random comment on Gorilla glass- I was chatting with glass installer, while he was doing job and asked about Gorilla glass. He did not recommend it……he said that the glass is so thick/hard that there is a risk that it pops...
  9. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Has anyone had the flash done yet? Looking for impact to drivability, acceleration, and torque.
  10. Sooooo has anyone taken their JL Rubicon on the Rubicon yet?!?

    We are about to embark on our 7th trip to OBX from PA (~800miles round trip). 2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 60lb dogs. When we get to destination, doors off and life is great. No issues for us cruising at 70mph. Others mentioned crazy wind making the driving experience a little stressful and I agree...
  11. Pennsylvania Stock Exhaust Pipe and Muffler

    Off a 2020 2door JL 3.6. Muffler will fit 4door. Extension pipe is for 2door. See pics for stampings. Low miles great shape. $150 takes both. Located in Doylestown, PA.
  12. Pennsylvania New JLU Mopar premium soft top

    Where are you located in SE PA?
  13. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    MOS-CAPE ..... most capable vehicle I ever owned
  14. Who’s Undercoating / Oil Spraying What This Winter?

    I use fluid film. Applied it a year ago, 1 week after I brought it home from the dealership. Reapplied a week or so ago. Observations: No rust, held some beach sand and road grime. If you chose to wipe it off, everything underneath looks new and shiney. Only washed off in high splash areas...
  15. New Jersey 2021 Rubicon 4 door - black brand new rock rails $200

    Are these the stock ones or the wider optional ones?
  16. JL Manual Transmission Values Down the Road

    what I6 turbo are you referencing? I’d like to learn more about that
  17. JL Manual Transmission Values Down the Road

    IMO a manual JL in great condition will demand a premium over auto in the future in the used car market. Especially cause it’s mated to the Pentastar. Dealer trade-in is a different story. Stealerships are going to tell you a bunch of stories about how they can’t move it and how they are just...
  18. How to Secure a Subwoofer? Brainstorm with me?

    LOL! I originally thought the same thing and a buddy of mine reminded me that the JKs factory sub faces up in the cargo area.... so my thought is that the effect would be the same with a soft top. I will say you can definitely feel the bass. The one down side to it position is that my rear view...
  19. How to Secure a Subwoofer? Brainstorm with me?

    Purchased a JLUR (soft-top) without the Alpine package. Didn’t want to spend the money and lose the cargo space. I have been happy with audio, but after removing doors and top..... I felt audio was lacking..... so I decided to add a self powered sub (Alpine PWE-S8) under passenger seat. Got sub...