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  1. Did Jeep release the new color banks yet?

    Looks like a HiLighter
  2. Awkward Conversation with Neighbors

    Can you start with the garage door closed then open after the beast settles? It’s a short time, not like you gonna pass out and die.
  3. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    In & Out is exempt. You’re good still. Can you send me a double-double animal style next time you’re there?
  4. When are headlight heating elements coming out?

    This is interesting, never thought about it but I’ve had the issue. The O/P seems upset at Jeep specifically for not fixing the problem but it’s not a Jeep issue, it’s all automotive manufacturers. Does anyone offer heated headlights from the factory? I’ve never seen them but that doesn’t mean...
  5. Why a two door is better than a four door

    Hey @Donkey Fluffer, it’s been 1 month and 18 pages. Pot well stirred sir!
  6. What extra lights to use for long range beams? Let’s see your set up!

    Also pay attention to the kelvin scale (light temperature) when choosing lights, the human eye has a harder time picking up higher kelvin. Staying under 5k would help net a better gain in visibility, but that blue sure looks cool 😏 5K temp Is daylight, it’s essentially colorless light...
  7. What extra lights to use for long range beams? Let’s see your set up!

    BDinTx has it right. Lumens is the total light output, if the source has 1000 lumens and a 90 degree beam angle, you are spreading the light over a wide area, in this case 45* to each side of the source. Same 1000 lumens from a 30 degree beam angle source will project farther. Replacing the...
  8. Shottenkirk Prosper CDJR, Fraudsters and cheats!

    Did you have any sort of paperwork regarding the agreement?
  9. has anyone added turn signals or badgeglow to the side of their jl as a turn signal?

    Well now I feel a bit silly for missing the obvious. Thanks for the insight.
  10. has anyone added turn signals or badgeglow to the side of their jl as a turn signal?

    Help me out here… I’m going to put badge lights on my Rubi at some point because I like the look, never considered making them an additional blinker. Who is going to be able to see them? I don’t think they will be visible from the front or rear, will they?
  11. I sold my wrangler to Vroom, and here's why...

    I remember "the old days" of riding 4 wide across a bench seat of a 2-door pick-up. Or crawling into the back seat of mom’s Malibu Classic that had hard backed seats. Neither was much fun. Cheers to the coming addition! Plus, my money says a Jeep will be in your life again when the time is right.
  12. 2022 Wranglers delivered

    It’s not a problem of capacity, it’s a problem of supply chain. And it’s a problem everywhere, not just automotive. A manufacturer can only build if they have the parts.
  13. Did Jeep release the new color banks yet?

    High Velocity leans a bit into Safety Yellow. All these colors look better in person obviously. I think the High Velocity is going to be nice.
  14. We Did It! Our own House! lets not burn it down lol

    I drive one and love this name!
  15. Help Jeep pick a new color

    Something about the Mazda red I’ve always liked.
  16. Did you name (brand, custom plate,...) your jeep before or after it arrived?

    My plate is a play on words using my initials. The actual name on the Jeep is coming later, can’t figure out how to make it fit on a plate.
  17. Something odd about 392 xtreme recon quoted performance stats ...

    I thought the standard 392 was 4.10 gears?
  18. Acceleration Test: Wrangler 392 Xtreme Recon Package Hits 4.0s 0-60 / 12.9s Quarter Mile [Car and Driver Review] + Sound Clips

    I would LOVE a real sports car AND a 392. Where I’m at, the sports car is a 3rd car option, you’re not driving it through the winter. The 392 is true year round-do it all-smile on your face-head turning machine. It checks a lot of boxes.
  19. If Money Grew On Trees I’d still chose a Wrangler!

    I would be tempted to keep my current Jeep simply because it was my first Jeep. I would still want a wrangler, it would just be a crazy spec build. Then lots of other cars, trucks, boats, etc.
  20. Beer / New & Favorites

    Mmm… beer. Summer’s coming to an end so the Sam Adams Summer Ale, Bells Oberon, and Stone Buenaveza are shifting to Bells Octoberfest, Left Hand Milk Stout, and Shorts Bellaire Brown. I’m a seasonal kinda guy with my beer.