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  1. JT (Wrangler Truck) pushed to late 2019

    100K for JT is too aggressive considering the product and market timing. FCA is reconsidering this volume projection. I would say, the corrected volume projection will be somewhere around 60k. Just 3-5 weeks before I would know the corrected volume projection.
  2. JT (Wrangler Truck) pushed to late 2019

    Sorry for late reply. Got busy at work. S= Semester Q= Quarter I was at work when replying so had used industry abbreviation. Will make sure not to use abbreviations next time. :)
  3. JT (Wrangler Truck) pushed to late 2019

    This JT delay has nothing to do with the engine or JL. I was reporting for only JT.
  4. JT (Wrangler Truck) pushed to late 2019

    Usually the programs/models are submitted to management/Executive team for approval before the team can proceed further once they perform primarily design and costing. This process usually takes little early for most manufacturers but I have seen FCA is bad with making this final call. This...
  5. JT (Wrangler Truck) pushed to late 2019

    Within FCA, the management approved JT truck and it is going to MY2020 and not MY2019. The 3.6L Pentastar upgrade is scheduled to go production in S1 2019 and 3.0L diesel by end of the 2019. Will keep you guys updated. Also see report at...
  6. 2018 Wrangler Images Revealed At Dealer Event! JT Pickup Previewed?

    Nice tease. BTW, JT is 2019 year release.