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  1. Jeep wave at Gladiators?

    It is a Jeep Wave. Not a Wrangler wave. I have received and given waves in all of my other Jeeps. Don't care if it's a JL, JT, JK, TJ, YJ, CJ, WK2, WK, WJ, ZJ, KL, KK, KJ, XJ, etc. if it's a Jeep, and it looks like they wheel, then wave.
  2. Diesel and Big Tires

    IT was the ARB bumper that really did it. The tires dropped it by 2-3 mpg, the bumper dropped it by 3. and the rack maybe 1. ITs hard to say. THat was the order I put them on
  3. Diesel and Big Tires

    For some prospective. I have a 2015 Eco diesel WK2 Overland 4x4. Stock I got about 20 city & 27 HWY (30.5" highway tire). With the GDE tune it bumped it up to 21 city 29 highway. After all mods it dropped to 19 city 23 highway. That's about what the 5.7 HEMI gets stock. The 32" tires, the ARB...
  4. 37s fitted and wheeled. Love it!!!

    How do the 37" MTRs run on the highway? I'm Planning on going the Overland route, so was originally going to stick to 35"s, but man I just can't get away from the 37"s!