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  1. Upgrade Brakes

    Hi All. I have a 2018JLUS with 52K miles. It has the tow package so I think it has the bigger brakes. I am getting ready to do them soon but really need something with more stopping power. After I put my 115lb wheels on I noticed I needed more. Now I will towing a 3K boat so really need better...
  2. Adj track bar question

    When my lift was installed, I also had a Teraflex Alpine adj track bar installed. It seems like there is some play in it that was not there before. Can here it when going over bumps. When I rock it back and forth there is substantial play. Is it normal to have some play? I am not talking side to...
  3. Pillar light options

    Looking for either single pods that can change from white to amber, OR one amber and one white ( doubles ) that can be controlled independently. Any recommendations? Thanks
  4. Teraflex lean / spacer question

    Not when standing still on level ground. That is my issue.
  5. Teraflex lean / spacer question

    Ok so back to this. What would be the harm if I used the Teraflex spacers to fix my lean? What are the negatives? I cannot think of any reason not to try it. Thanks
  6. Teraflex lean / spacer question

    yes according to the numbers on them.
  7. Teraflex lean / spacer question

    I notice it when driving and it is noticeable to the eye. It actually hurts my back lol. I measured from frame to floor and it is a full inch off.
  8. Teraflex lean / spacer question

    Hi all. So had the Teraflex ST2 2-1/2 kit installed and my Jeep leans to the passenger side in both front and back. The driver side is about 1" higher in both front and back. I purchased the front and rear 1/2" spacer kit and want to install on the passenger side only. My main question is can...
  9. TPMS Sensors

    awesome thanks for the info. Dealer told meI would have to dismount the tires
  10. TPMS Sensors

    Yes, they are original Mopar 68241067AB sensors. They are on Mopar bead lock capable wheels with KO2's. All brand new. Had someone mount the sensors and tires. Brought to dealer, their scanner could not find them. Lowered PSI to 20 today, drove 2-3 miles, inflated to 36 and drove much more. Not...
  11. TPMS Sensors

    I just installed the correct Mopar ones on my Mopar wheels and they are not being detected. I tried airing down, driving, then airing up to 36 psi. Didn’t work. Any suggestions?
  12. New Wheel and Tire TPMS Reprogramming??

    lowered pressure, drove, inflated to 36. Still nothing.
  13. Teraflex ST2 or ST3?!?!?!

    It’s only been on since Thursday. But I didn’t measure either. Still have to add spare , front bumper and winch as well
  14. Teraflex ST2 or ST3?!?!?!

    I went with the 2.5 ST2 kit and running 315/70/70 KO'2s and I love it.
  15. New suspension.

    I got the ST2 kit with 3.1 shocks and the Teraflex adj. track bar. I might get the steering stabilizer also.
  16. Suspension help

    By everything you mean the new lower control arms ( both ends ) and the track bars correct? Sway bar links should be tightened though? Thanks!
  17. New Wheel and Tire TPMS Reprogramming??

    I have new Mopar ones in. Ew wheels and have been driving for 3 days and it says they are unavailable. Brought to dealer and they could t find them with their programmer. I’m stumped
  18. Suspension help

    Thanks I’ll check the isolators too. One thing I did notice is he installed the rear sway links upside down. Not sure if that’s why it means but certainly affects the way the rear end handles.
  19. Suspension help

    I think I should probably try that first. Thanks