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  1. Headliner options for sky one touch power top?

    And it will be easy to remove and replace foam sound deadener.
  2. Headliner options for sky one touch power top?

    What about putting in a mesh sunshade filling the space between the shade and the soft top with sound deadening foam? You can buy foam cheap on Amazon. I have a 2007 JKU and leave my sunshade on year round under my soft top. I am going to buy the foam and insert it in 4 inch gap between the...
  3. Fatal accident involving a Jeep JK

    Here is some simple research I did on the safety of JK's. Despite what many here think about their lack of safety, the bottom line is they are not a high death toll vehicle. See below. Claim: Response: The...
  4. How comfortable are the seats in JLU Sport?

    Yes. I have noticed this when I have sat in the JL and test drove it. On my 2007 JKU, I could not stand the feeling of leaning forward, so I added brackets which made the two front seat bases tilt back and now they are way more comfortable! Jeep Wrangler JK & JKU FRONT Seat Spacer Blocks Lift...
  5. JL Dash Aftermarket Alternatives

    Here is how you take apart the dash to switch out panels and change colors.
  6. Auxiliary Switch Bank Option

    Here is a video on how to hook up items to the auxiliary ports:
  7. Has anyone removed the door "limiters"

    Yes. Here is a detailed video on how to remove. REMOVING The DOOR STOPS On a 2018 JL