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  1. Hellcat in a JL or JT?

    Yeah me too
  2. Upgraded interior dome lighting to Rigid Industries

    Thanks for the post. I believe you can switch the lights off with the lamp trim switch right ?
  3. 9in true led aftermarket halo style headlights

    Looks great ! The halo lights are connected to the daylight wiring? or separate ?
  4. JK front bumper on the JL

    I was wondering if the JK front bumper will fit on the New JL ? if anyone has pictures please share.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I went to a Jeep workshop to look for a short front bumper for my Jeep, everyone is currently customizing their own bumpers and they are expensive. Still waiting for some parts to be available.
  6. Europe Specs Rubicon/Sahara LED tail lights on Sport JL

    Hi everyone, where can I buy the Sahara/Rubicon LED tail lights Europe specs? Can anyone help?
  7. Euro LED tail lights?

    Yes, they are actually I tried wiring the LED tail light it seems that i need a different adapter for it. But, what I did is I actually connected the signal wire with the brake. When i press on the brake the signal light turns into brake light I can't have both. I hope I can find a different...
  8. Euro LED tail lights?

    Is there any difference with the wiring of the LED Tail lights with US specs and Gulf Specs? Anyone can help?
  9. Rubicon REAR LED Signal Lights not working

    Hi everyone, i’ve installed the Rubicon/Sahara REAR LED lights and everything seems to work fine, brakes and reverse are also fine, but the signal lights are not. What i’ve noticed that US Specs are different than Gulf Specs with wiring. Can anyone help?
  10. LED Tail Lights

    Well, im thinking of changing my normal sport s tail lights to rubi/sahara LED tail lights, well it fit without changing any wires?
  11. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    It's amazing, they've shipped mine the next day. They also assembled it for me (no charge). They also showed me how to use which will take you around 5 mins to take the top off with unbolting the screws.
  12. Top Speed

    My friend owns a 2018 Rubi 2 doors, he have mentioned that his jeep doesn't go over 100mph maximum speed. Anyone has the same top speed ?
  13. Air Pressure from BAR to PSI

    Does anyone know how to change the air pressure tire from BAR to PSI on the Jeep JL Sport S Display?

    Thanks !! do you know any good quality for the headliner/sound assassin that can also prevent heat?
  15. What are some aftermarket/accessories companies that fly under the radar?

    I'm a new Jeeper, it will be helpful if someone can answer your question.

    This is my first 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU, I've noticed that air is trying to come through the top, is this normal with all jeeps?