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  1. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    My biggest fear is emissions-not the motor. I owned several diesel vehicles and have seen " The Vehicle will not start in 200 miles" message on the dashboard multiple times. Emission systems are expensive to repair. Still considering getting one though.
  2. How to stop scratches in thick scrub?

    I saw a video of people spraying WD-40 over the paint prior to offroading. I am not sure if it was to make to branches glide over the paint with less friction or to be able to wash the mud easier. It looked as if they were in one of the South American countries.
  3. Wrangler 4XE Pricing

    Does anyone know if $7500 credit for an individual only or for business as well?
  4. TrailRecon Lift Comparison

    I actually enjoyed the first episode, Looking at the spreadsheets with the amount of height gain with each lift was interesting to me. The amount of flex is also interesting to compare. It seems to me that the part 2 will be more subjective but I will still be glad to watch it.
  5. Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Recommendations?

    Has anyone installed front synergy quick disco sway bar links? Any feedback?
  6. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Mopar Lift 35" BFG TKO
  7. Smoothest Riding 35 inch tire?

    I have experience with Bridgeatone AT Revo and KO2s. Both are great tires on and off road
  8. Need Longer Bump Stops

    Sway bar makes a huge difference off road. I am attaching a picture on the same ramp with the sway bar link connected. I was not able to get as far as with the sway bar disconnected. The rear wheel lifted as well. I do not have lockers and it makes a big difference in traction. Thanks
  9. Need Longer Bump Stops

    Great suggestion! Thanks
  10. Need Longer Bump Stops

    Yes it looks like I will need to do some trimming. Thanks for the suggestion
  11. Need Longer Bump Stops

    The bump stops look ok, I checked. The rubbing gets really loud at times when off road and therefore I stated " a lot of rubbing" Thanks
  12. Need Longer Bump Stops

    I have JLU sport with Mopar Lift and 35s. When the sway bar link is disconnected, I get a lot rubbing on the front inner fender when the wheel gets stuffed. Has anyone used longer bump stops? Any recommendations? I am attaching pictures on a ramp to illustrate the problem Thanks
  13. Jeep Jamboree Mole Lake

    My impression was that you cannot go there at will. The land belongs to Indian Reservation and you need to attend the event or have the permission in order to be there
  14. Jeep Jamboree Mole Lake

    I signed up for Jeep Jam in Mole Lake this July. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with that location or if anyone else is going this year
  15. Badlands March 23-24

    Thanks, It looks like this Saturday is out for me. My wife planned a "surprise" party for me. I could go on Sunday though if anyone is interested. Please keep me posted in the future. Thanks
  16. Badlands March 23-24

    So I did not have a chance to take my JL off road except the little park in McHenry one time. I am thinking about going on March 23-24 either one or both days. It would be fine to get more Jls to go. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  17. Weight of 35” wheel/tire combo average?

    My setup is about 85 pounds with BFG 315 70 17 and pro comp wheel.
  18. Where did you get safety flag?

    Thanks, it is exactly what i need. Unfortunately it is temporarily unavailable.