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  1. Smell from the AC

    remove the filter and spray inside that area?
  2. Quake LED & American adventure lab

    Hi. I have the American adventure lab chop slim light and they just died on me and the plastic on the light is turning yellowish. I am thinking of switching to quake led. Does anyone know if the bolt on the fender side line up with both lights. I wouldnt want to drill another hole. TIA
  3. Florida Bestop sunrider Black Twill

    Selling sunrider black twill In great shape. Miami, fl $550. Sells new for $900
  4. Florida Motobilt bumper **NEW**

    Sorry it’s sold. Just updated thread
  5. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    Hello everyone. So i installed the s&b intake on my 2.0T and everything was fine for a couple of weeks and then today the CEL. I checked with my tazer and the same code p1cea. I cleared it and it went away. I’ll call s&b tomorrow. What’s the resolution? I bought from extreme terrain 2 weeks ago...
  6. Florida Motobilt bumper **NEW**

    Still available
  7. Florida Motobilt bumper **NEW**

  8. Florida Motobilt bumper **NEW**

  9. Florida Sahara bumper with LED Fog lights

    Bump. Lowered to $125
  10. Florida Sahara bumper with LED Fog lights

    Not really.
  11. Florida Sahara bumper with LED Fog lights

    Lowered to $150
  12. Florida Motobilt bumper **NEW**

    Lowered to $650
  13. Florida Motobilt bumper **NEW**

    I ordered two bumpers, this one and ARB. I kept the ARB and couldn’t return the Motobilt
  14. Florida Sold: Motobilt bumper **NEW**

    HAMMER FRONT BUMPER W/ BULL BAR, FOG MOUNTS & SKID PLATE Brand new. Includes fairlead mount. $650 pickup only.
  15. Memorial Day Sales

    I have a brand new mlc-6 for sale. $150
  16. Florida Sahara bumper with LED Fog lights

    Sahara bumper with LED Fog lights, bumper has black bezel instead of sliver. $125
  17. Clicking/Rattling noise?

    Ahh. I actually have the hardtop on and not the soft top.
  18. Clicking/Rattling noise?

    Thank you. Would you mind send me a pic of were you drilled a hole?
  19. Clicking/Rattling noise?

    Hello All, I have been trying to figure out where this is coming from and can’t figure it out. Happens when I go over 75mph. seems to come from the passenger hardtop area close to rear passenger door. Any ideas? Trying to avoid taking it to dealer. Thanks